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Last minute interview tips

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For all of you that are stressing out for your upcoming interview the most important thing I can say is RELAX! The interviews purpose is to get to know you and to verify things you have said/claimed in your application. If you didn't lie, don't worry! A lot of people are under the impression that the interview is what 'gets you in', this is not true! It is only part of the process. They will take your interview score and in a meeting discuss your whole application, with the interviewers input taken into account. They look at you as a whole person, not as a combined score of MCAT, GPA, and interview. That being said, there are little things you can do in the interview to leave a really good impression. Here are a few common things I've picked up:

1)BE HONEST (they can tell if you're lying)

2)Try not to sit with your arms crossed. Subconsciously it makes you look closed off. Remember they are trying to get to know you, you want to be open and receptive.

3)Try not to fidgit (spelling?), this is one of my problems so I put my hands on my knees

4) when asked a question, take a breath, think about it, and then answer, even if you can answer right away. Its always better to give it some thought, that way they know its not a memorized answer.

5)Don't be alarmed if your interview seems short. A lot of people think they did terrible because the interview lasts for 15 minutes (like mine last year). I asked one of the interviewers at the last interview weekend why he thought my interview was so short and he said that if they get to know you in 15 minutes, they know you. Why prolong the discomfort?! So don't worry if it seems like it was really short!

6)Med school at DAL is not all science. If you are sporty or artisitic in anyway at all, don't be afraid to talk about it proudly! We have a whole department called the 'Medical Humanities'. The humanities are a HUGE part of DALMED. I'm a musician like many other people in our class, but we also have actors, dancers, writers and painters. You can even do electives in any art you want here at DAL if you're getting bogged down with the all the science in your life. So totally be yourself and be proud of the fact you love to spend your free time playing the ukulele, or sketching Marvel comic characters, or whatever!


That's all I got, just remember to be you and to have fun. We're all waiting to meet you guys on Saturday.

Good luck!



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