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From the Dalhousie Website:


"The Admissions Committee begins to meet the week of February 12th, 2007. Decision letters will be sent out only once per month (in regular mail) on the last Wednesday of each month."


The admissions committee has begun to review the in province files! Here's hoping that I'm in the first batch reviewed.


Good luck everyone!

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Hey recent acceptees, congrats!!!


As mentioned in your acceptance letter there is a guide book for you on all there is to know about Dal and also lots of other goodies... umm it kinda ended up being 111 pages... we were aiming for 50!!


Anywho, it is done and was suppose to be posted Thursday but because of logistic problems... okay really people taking off on early long weekends and what not= it should be up and running early next week - i'll personally make the long treck across the street to the school with the file and get it put on by med it on Monday.


On another note, if you are accepted and hoping to stay in Halifax this summer i have a rocking sublet!!! super discounted!!



Scooter / o-book co author

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