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UBC percentile calculation

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please correct me if this is wrong.


i think 20 ppl failed their interview this year, which means 80 ppl passed.


so applicant #80, #79, #78, #77..... #41 got in. Note that 41/80 is 0.5125, which is 51.3 percentile (note: 80~ 41 <- 40 ppl in here, not 39!). If ur percentile is above 51.3, you should receive the acceptance letter.


For applicant #40, his/her percentile should be 50.0 (40/80). #39 should be 48.8 (39/80), etc.


Thus, if you multiply your percentile by 80 you should get an integer.

For example, if your percentile is 31.3.... 0.313X 80 = 25.04. This means you are applicant #25 and there are 15 ppl ahead of you (40-25 = 15)



Hope this helps


good luck

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Hello Fishy!


I am really confused now. Didn't someone mention that in their email they told them that 82 people passed?


In my email they didn't mention how many people failed or passed.


It's either 82,80 or 78 people.. therefore 18 or 20 or 22 people failed.


REgardless of what it is, that is a a HUGE increase of failings from the past 2 years.


Geo/Chevrolet Prizm

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hey guys!


No they do not tell you how many ppl failed the interview.


I got the number 80 from this math equation


(100 - X - 40 +1) / (100 - X) = 0.513

X = number of ppl who failed.

(note, the +1 is in there because u need to add one person back to correct the calculation. For example, when calculating the number of ppl from applicant #1~ # 10.... If u do 10 - 1 u get 9 applicants in total. However, u know this is wrong since there are 10 appicants!)


So i did this calculation... and get 20 for X.



This should be right. If u multiply ur percentile by 80 u should get an integer.

If not, let me know!



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The math makes sense... it has to be 80pass/20 fail... This is because they released that 51.3% was the cutoff to make the top 40..


Fishyfishfishfish and UBCfnh:


what are your guys' percentiles???


PM me if you don't want anyone else to know.. I really want you guy to be in!! don't lose hope just yet okay>!


Vaporizer guide

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hey bella!


My percentile is 27.5, which means 18 ppl are ahead of me (ouch).

I really hope we can become classmates in the future!


I know my chance of getting in is real low... but just like u said, don't lose hope just yet! Hopefully sometime in late Aug I can get the call!



o ya, I only applied to UBC this year cuz I really dun want to leave BC :)



nice chatting with u guys

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yayy yay. : ) soo nice to see u guys receiving emails.

Bella's right. don't lose hope yet!!!

UBC waitlist moves like crazy when the results from other schools/med schools are out.

keep it up. don't leave the forum yet. NO. not yet.


hey bella, :) what number are u on the waitlist?



and is anyone here 100% sure they will attend UBC?

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Hey you guys!


I am 30th percentile...

so 16 people ahead of me.


FISHYFISHFISH I don't think you have anything to worry about. Especially since you applied onlyto UBC, I think you will get a nice surprise in July/August.


I was reading threads from last year and 2 years ago and these people said that #20 and #21 got in too.


Patience is going to be the key for the next little while.


Moo you are lucky! I hope I can be classmates with you in August. I am so sure that I want to attend UBC.



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hi bindent,


i think your calculation is correct.

when i called today, i was told that if you received a percentile ranking, it means that you are on the waitlist. some people's interview scores didn't meet the cutoff and are not included in the percentile ranking.

also, i'm right after you on the waitlist. please let me know if you hear anything from ubc. good luck! :)

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They do not specifically say you are on a waitlist.


When I read that they weren't able to offer me a spot in the dentistry class I thought I was rejected. But if they put a percentile on your letter and especially beside your interview.. then you are fine!


I am sure you will get in sooner, if not later.


Good job!


Ail storm

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hey bella,

let me know if you get in okie?

i look forward to it.


i knwo i'm lucky. after reading all of ur stats, i have no idea why i got in..

with that low gpa i know that

i might be the dumbest person in class in august. that doesn't feel good.

but then it's always exciting to study with smart people : )

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