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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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Sorry, a bit late posting this


TIME STAMP: 11:36pm, Tuesday June 3

Result: acceptance to Windsor campus- off normal waitlist

(Already accepted the offer)


GPA: ~3.92


MCAT: PS- 12 VR- 12 BS- 9


ECs: Work at a medical clinic, volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society,a lot of work with children and some clinical research with 2 abstracts and 1 publication.


Year: finished UG


Interview: didn't think it went that great. Didn't screw up majority but felt that my panel wasn't responding too well to my answers.


Good luck to all who are still on the wait list. Stay hopeful!

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Result: Accepted to Windsor campus (Normal Waitlist) Time stamp: June 6th 2017, not sure what time the call came as it went to my dad... I'm currently out of the country! 2yr GPA: 3.97

Result: waitlist (normal) Geography: non-swomen + OOP Degree: BScHK 2019 Timestamp: 9:06AM 2YGPA: 3.97 AABS: filled out 8/8 and the about me. Varsity athlete, camp counselor,

Result: Accepted (Windsor Campus, 1st choice) Timestamp: 10:20 AM EST 2YGPA: ~3.9 MCAT: 520 (128/131/131/130) ECs: A bit off the beaten curve; dropped out of school to work full-ti

TIME STAMP: 11:57 am
Result: Acceptance; Unspecified Campus

GPA: 3.97

MCAT: 13s across the board

ECs: Research (2 NSERCs, first author poster at neuroscience conference), exec on a few clubs, member of a few more clubs, 1yr hospital volunteering, 2y homework help volunteering, couple years exam review presentations, undergrad TA'ing, shadowed a surgery & an internal med shift, member of rock band in high school, 3yr guitar instruction, couple cashier jobs part time, couple scholarships.

Geography: SWOMEN

Year: Final year of undergrad

Interview: I thought it went well although I was noticeably nervous, I don't know why since the interviewers were so friendly.


This is my first choice!


Good luck guys!

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Result: Wait List
Program: MD
wGPA: above cutoffs
MCAT: above cutoffs

Interview: I did great on practice interviews but then got nervous on my actual interview. There were some good parts and some awkward parts so I really wasn't sure if the interview went well or not, but I know it wasn't my greatest interview :(


Year: Graduated

Geography: non-SWOMEN


I want to cry. Is there a "High/Good Wait List" status this year or is it just "Wait List"? Is there really no way to find out how much of a chance we have?

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Accepted - London


GPA: 3.88


MCAT: 10 / 13 / 13


ECs: Lots of research, lots of teaching, hospital/crisis line volunteering, sports coaching


Year: Just finishing PhD


Interview: Some questions were really bad, one really good almost made one interviewer cry. Interviewers were, as usual, super nice.


Geography: OOP

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Normal Waitlist (Although you were not ranked to receive an offer at this time, it was recommended that your name be placed on our Wait List. Any offer that is not accepted will be filled by an individual from the Wait List.)


wGPA: 3.90

MCAT: 11/13/15



Year: Post grad.

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TIME STAMP: 12:03pm


Result: Acceptance; London Campus


GPA: Not sure; I think it's around 3.8-3.9 for the two year calculation 


MCAT: PS10; VR12; BS12


ECs: Not a lot? I just did what I liked... a small research project, medical illustration, tutoring, other hobbies


Year: Graduated last year, 2nd time applying


Interview: Better this time (connected with the interviewers more) but I was pretty nervous at the beginning.


But I may be declining, in which case I hope it makes someone on the waitlist very happy!

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Timestamp: 12:08

Result: Accepted to unspecified campus

Program: MD

wGPA: 3.92

MCAT : above cutoff

Interview: thought it went pretty well. there were things I wished i mentioned once the interview ended, but for the most part, I don't think it could have gone any better.


This is an amazing moment for me. I'll be posting my full story on the "2nd degree forum" once I let this sink in.

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Accepted (unspecified campus)
wGPA: 3.99 (I think? Too many wGPA's to keep track of)
MCAT: 12/11/15
Interview: Hard to say, but I guess it went well? Interviewers were responsive and seemed interested/engaged in discussion with me, I made them laugh a few times, etc. At the very least I managed to get through it without saying anything idiotic.
Geography: OOP

Will be declining in favour of UofA. Hopefully this helps some waitlisters out. Congrats to all that were accepted.


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Timestamp: noon

Result: Low waitlist 

Program: MD

wGPA: 3.75

MCAT: 10/11/11 (swomen) 

Interview: Felt really good but apparently was not enough. 


Feel blindsided. Yes I don't have to best stats but I felt that my interview was strong. Why bother even interview me if GPA and MCAT were going to screw me in the end. 


Feeling super frustrated... 

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Accepted to London

GPA:  3.94 (I think, going by the "two best year"s thing)

MCAT(PS/VR/BS): 14/11/12

ECs: Meh. Decent, w/ volunteering, a writing grant, musician stuff, but otherwise not stellar.

Year: Finished undergrad last year.


Interview: Thought it went terrible. Maybe only shined on a few questions, but on the way out I really felt like I didn't show them who I am. Felt like garbage, and watched the MMI video with impending doom. I kind of swung from that to "pretty good" and back and forth after that.


Imagine my surprise. I was so convinced I was definitely out, especially because I got mid-waitlisted last year. Absolute shocker. 

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TIME STAMP: 12:16 am

Result: Low wait list

GPA: 3.99 (2 yr), 3.93 total

MCAT: 12/11/14

ECs: some research (thesis, summer student positions), intramurals, tutoring, some random volunteering experiences here and there (homeless shelters etc), habitat for humanity trip

Geography: non-SWOMEN

Year: Final year of undergrad

Interview: Felt it went alright - i was getting some laughs here and there but I guess I must have said something wrong

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Timestamp: 12:05

Result: accepted to London campus

Program: MD

wGPA: 3.95

MCAT: 10/09/15

ECs: average

Year: finished undergrad

SWOMEN: yep 

Interview: Was awesome, I had some really great people interview me. 


Will be accepting this offer as it is my only offer in Canada plus I want to come back to my community and become a family doc so this is the perfect school for me. 

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Result: Accepted 
GPA: 4.00 (Best 2 years)
MCAT: Met cutoffs
ECs: Varied (PM if interested)
Year: UG 4
Interview: Very friendly panel. One instance when I was doubtful of what I said because of interviewer's reaction but otherwise went very well.
Insanely stoked to get accepted here. The school's spirit is unrivaled and the student culture is unreal!
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Timestamp: 11:53 AM

Result: Acceptance - London campus. 

Program: MD

Year: UG 4

2-year GPA: 3.93

MCAT (PS/VR/BS): 11/10/13


Interview: Extremely smooth. 


Congratulations to everybody who was accepted here! Will likely be declining this offer in favour of Queens. Hope that makes a deserving person very happy!

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Timestamp: 12:10 PM

Result: Good waitlist i think - "In recent years, applicants in your position on the Wait List have received an offer of admission."

Program: MD

Year: just finished 4 year UG

2-year GPA: 3.84 --> question. they want you to send in your transcript with your final grades. does that mean that they will take your most recent year into account? thatd be fab bc i finished this year with a 3.97 which boosts me a lot obviously. Ive been worried about my GPA. 

MCAT (PS/VR/BS): 10/11/11


Interview: felt really good, did a lot of prep. 

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Timestamp: 12:06 PM
Result: Accepted - London campus

Program : MD
Year: Finishing Masters
GPA: 3.89
2-year GPA: 3.94
MCAT: 12/11/12



ECs: Pretty good (5 years hospital volunteer; limited leadership roles in academic club, mentorship club, and social/cultural club; lots of extracurricular activities in dance and music; research assistant during undergrad; CIHR scholarship for 1st year of masters)


Interview: Excellent rapport. Very comfortable and conversational with lots of smiling and joking. Really struggled with some situational questions in the middle (one of the questions I couldn't answer at all), but for the interview on the whole I communicated a clear focus, maturity, and enthusiasm (I think). I think I started strong and ended strong even though the middle was terrible.

I did my undergrad and masters at Western and I will finally be doing med school here too! :)

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Timestamp: 12:24 PM

Result: high waitlist

Program: MD

Year: Finished UG 2014, one year part-time

GPA: 3.92

MCAT (PS/VR/BS): 10/11/12


Interview: I think it went fairly well. Made them smile and laugh a few times but remained serious and enthusiastic/confident. Rapport was good.

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Timestamp: 11:51 AM
Result: Accepted - London Campus
Program: MD
Year: just completed undergrad (2015)
GPA: 3.72 (including all 3 years at time of application - not sure of "best two years")
MCAT (PS/VR/BS): 11/12/10

ECs: completed a co-op degree, played a varsity sport and a bunch of different volunteering

Interview: I felt good about it. Didn't really struggle with any questions and it seemed comfortable.


Also accepted to McMaster - currently trying to make a decision!

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