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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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Result: Accepted to Windsor campus (Normal Waitlist) Time stamp: June 6th 2017, not sure what time the call came as it went to my dad... I'm currently out of the country! 2yr GPA: 3.97

Result: waitlist (normal) Geography: non-swomen + OOP Degree: BScHK 2019 Timestamp: 9:06AM 2YGPA: 3.97 AABS: filled out 8/8 and the about me. Varsity athlete, camp counselor,

Result: Accepted (Windsor Campus, 1st choice) Timestamp: 10:20 AM EST 2YGPA: ~3.9 MCAT: 520 (128/131/131/130) ECs: A bit off the beaten curve; dropped out of school to work full-ti

Timestamp:  1:10pm (??  everyone seems to be around 12 PM so wonder if server was off)

Result:  Accepted to London Campus

Year:  Finishing masters

2 year GPA:  4.00

MCAT:  13/14/13

SWOMEN:  yes

ECS:  Good - but really irrelevant for WEstern anyways.


I am deciding between Queens and Western (will reject Ottawa and McMaster).  Am on the waitlist for Toronto (only other place I'd pick over my acceptances).  Will be turning down UBC, Alberta and UofT Dents.  Also will turn down any potential offer from UWO dents (if they ever come out with acceptances)

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Timestamp: 12:09 PM May 13

Result: Accepted - Unspecified campus

Program : MD
Year: Last year of undergrad
cGPA: 3.73

Highest year: 3.82

Highest two years: 3.78 
MCAT: 14/13/14



ECs: Not competitive. PM for details. 


Interview: I thought it was average but I think I said a number of things that made me seem honest and "real" but that a lot of my friends afterwards told me I shouldn't have said (e.g. I admitted to reading an ethics book to prep for interviews).


I am extremely excited and will be accepting this offer.


EDIT: London specified May 28 2:56 pm.

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TIME STAMP: April 7th 2015


Interview Date: February 28th (MD) and March 7th (MD/PhD)

Result: Accepted!  (London campus)

cGPA: ~3.85

Best 2 years: 3.87

MCAT: 10/9/13 (re-written)

SWOMEN: yes 


ECs: PM if interested

Interview: Enjoyed the experience and energy of the students! Tried to be genuine and thoughtful with answers. Found it a little tricky to introduce my experiences into the conversations


Year: 4th Year Undergrad


Will be accepting offer to MD/PhD !! :)

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Date & Time: May 12, 2015 at 12:06 PM

Result: Accepted (Unspecified Campus) !!!

Best 2 years GPA: 3.9 + 3.85 (including a pass/fail course, which they accepted as being a full course load).

I actually received a pre-interview rejection before I asked about it.

MCAT: 10/13/14

ECs: Mostly research and professional experience, modest volunteering.

Interview: I actually felt it went poorly. On many occasions, after I had given an answer, the interviewers brought up many extra points. At the time, I was thinking "oh no, I should have said that", but they probably saw it as more of a discussion/teachable moment.

Year: Completed master's degree and have been working as a pathologists' assistant for the past year


SWOMEN applicant

EDIT: Will be at the London campus (specified May 28th)

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Date & Time: June 1, 2015 at 3:37 PM

Result: Accepted off high waitlist (Windsor campus)

Best 2 years GPA: 3.96 + 3.88 

MCAT: 10/11/12 (third write - first two were sub-30)

ECs: Couple of exec positions in clubs (key may have been long-term commitment), intramural sports, 2 years of research, piano and music theory education, hospital volunteering. Nothing too special but again, important to show long-standing activity in several areas. 

Interview: Went fairly well. I was comfortable and got the panel to laugh a few times while maintaining an air of seriousness and confidence. Established a positive rapport immediately and wasn't too worried about any of the questions.

Year: Did part-time studies one year after finishing my UG (took a few courses that were pre-reqs to some OOP schools). In the end, didn't need them at all. 


non-SWOMEN applicant


EDIT:  Offered a spot at the London campus. Accepted on June 5, around noon.

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Date & Time: June 1, 2015 at 4:14pm

Result: Accepted off high waitlist (Windsor campus)

Best 2 years GPA: 3.91

MCAT: 10/11/12 

ECs: Some exec positions, health educator on campus, tutor, workshop facilitator for first years, illustrator for school newspaper, hospital volunteering, volunteering with mental health organization, mentoring, some shadowing, research (2 NSERCs, 1 honours research project, 1 pub in undergrad journal, 3 conference presentations one of which at the provincial level)

Year: Just finished 4th year UG 



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Date & Time: 2015-06-03 13:50

Result: Accepted from normal waitlist (Windsor campus)

Best 2 years GPA: 3.97

MCAT: 11VR, 13BS, 14PS

ECs: Long term commitments to campus club, including several years as executive member; volunteer first responder; volunteer organizer of campus orientation events for 5000+ students (managed 800+ staff/volunteers); several part-time jobs, including as TA; extensive research, including five published articles (2 first author), and several conference proceedings (oral and poster).

Year: MSc II (defending early July)


SWOMEN, as well.


I have accepted the offer. I've been reading these forums regularly over the last month, and have appreciated updates posted from others as the comittee made their way through the waitlist, so I thought I'd contribute. Good luck to those still waiting!

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Late posting, but hoping to contribute to the stats :) I have rejected this offer in favour of McMaster.


Date & Time: June 2, 2015 @ 2:34 PM (Phone call previous day around 4:30 PM)

Result: Accepted off Normal wait list (Windsor campus)

Best 2 years GPA: 3.87

MCAT: 12/11/13 (PS/VR/BS)

ECs: Hospital volunteering, research (1 publication, NSERC-URSA, etc.), executive on university campus organizations

Year: 4th year UG

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I'm a little late as well but thought I should add my stats to the mix since this forum has been such an awesome resource for me:


Date and time: 11:54am, May 12

Result: Accepted to London campus!!!!

2 Best years GPA: 3.86 

MCAT: 10/10/12 (SWOMEN)

ECs: Did a co-op degree, so lots of paid research work, 4 years on a first-aid team (held an exec position for a few terms), rec soccer

Interview: I thought it went really well! I prepared a ton for it and thought that everyone on the panel was super nice and that there were no major issues. It seemed like more of a conversation/discussion than an interview. Afterwards I was a bit worried that I had been 'too myself' (if that makes sense?) and not more professional/polished but apparently it was ok :)

Year: Fifth year of undergrad (5 year degree because of co-op) 


I am so excited to accept this offer and to start school with everyone in the fall!

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Date and time: June 10, 2015 - 11:45am PST

Result: Accepted out of normal waitlist to Windsor (Non-SWOMEN)

2 Best years GPA: 3.8

MCAT: 14/12/14 (PS/VR/BS)

ECs: some piano, Co-op, karate, 2-3 years volunteering in 2009-2011 at senior home/care facility, full-time work as clinical researcher May 2014 (started May 25, not sure if it really counts)


Interview: The pre-interview meds were really nice and fun to hang with; got a bit nervous in my actual interview and one of the panel members thought I didn't answer one question, I asked them to clarify, I repeated my answer and we moved on. Something disastrous and hilarious happened at the end of the interview due to 'unusual circumstances' while shaking hands but saved my self with a quick joke about how I might be able to 'treat you in a couple of years'.


Year: Almost a non-trad? Graduated 2013 (5 years + co-op), took 1 course per semester for 2013/2014, then got employed as clinical researcher 2014-2015 for the cycle.


Very excited to move to Windsor, I can hardly believe I got in.

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Date and time: June 16, 2015 - 12:23PM EST

Result: Accepted from normal waitlist to Windsor (Non-SWOMEN)

Best 2 years GPA: 3.96

MCAT: 12/11/14 (PS/VR/BS)

ECs: Volunteer at hospital & family doctor's clinic, leader of after-school program at elementary school, peer mentor & executive, Biology TA. 


Interview: I really appreciate the efforts of Western's staff & students to make the experience as comfortable as possible for the interviewee. The experience felt very conversational, although I felt i lingered on some topics for too long and may have missed some questions they were going to ask me.


Year: Graduated in 2014, since then have been volunteering & travelling.


Very, very thankful for this opportunity - can still hardly believe it. Best of luck to those still on the wait-list!

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Date: May 12

Result: Accepted to London campus

2 Best years GPA: 3.98

MCAT: 12/11/12 (NON-SWOMEN)

ECs: Various research roles, years of music, self-initiated volunteering and traditional volunteer roles, multiple pubs

Interview: Little prep for Canadian schools but good flow to the interview

Year: Finished fourth year

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Date: May 10 10:05 Mountain Time

Result: Accepted to London campus (preferred London to Windsor)

2 Best years GPA: 3.745

MCAT: 129/130/132/129

ECs: irrelevant, but posted elsewhere in my history

Interview: Felt great about the panel interview

Year: 2nd year MSc

Geography: non-swomen


Due to the extremely aggressive timeline I'd need to be able to finish my grad degree by June 30th, I'll be declining and accepting a school that gives me a bit more breathing room.

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Timestamp: 12:06

Result: Accepted!! (London campus)

Best 2 years GPA: 3.86

MCAT: 128 Phys/Bio and 132 Psych/CARS

ECs: lots of theatre stuff, some refugee centre, literacy centre, hospital, lab, community centre, etc


Interview: I felt really super good about this one


Year: graduated undergrad 2012, went back to get science credits

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Date: May 10 12:23 EST

Result: High Waitlist (In recent years, applicants in your position on the Wait List have received an offer of admission.)

2 Best years GPA: 3.96

MCAT: 12/11/13

Interview: Some good, some bad

Writing Sample: It was fine

Year: UG4

Geography: non-swomen

Edit: Accepted to Windsor campus on May 30 at 12:17.

Edit 2: Moved to London (first preference) June 3 at 10:15.

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Date: May 10 12:22 EST

Result: High Waitlist

2 Best years GPA: 3.80

MCAT: 10/11/12

Interview: Left feeling good, then slowly started to think I didn't do well

Writing Sample: I haven't written anything significant in a year so I felt my thoughts were scrambled

Year: Graduated 2015

Geography: non-swomen

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Accepted - Unspecified campus 

Time Stamp: 12:16PM

GPA: 3.88

MCAT: 34 (12,11,11)

Interview: Came out very confident, tried to be as relaxed and 'myself' as possible. Interviewers responded well to responses and there were no awkward points in the interview even though I felt at times I was on auto-pilot. 


4th Year Applicant, Graduating 2016



Does anyone know if it is possible to find out which campus I will end up in before May 29th? Decisions are due May 24th and I really wanted to attend the London campus....

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Accepted-London Campus


TIme stamp:12:10pm 


2yr GPA: 3.73

MCAT: 11/12/14

EC: Lots of volunteering, various on campus orgs that revolve around a common theme (something i care about)





Cannot believe it, so excited. 

Wanted to post to give future low GPA applicants some hope. 

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Date: May 10 12:23 EST

Result: Accepted to London

2 Best years GPA: 3.97


Interview: Went pretty well but definitely room for improvement

Writing Sample: Wrote very little, but was very diligent

Year: Finished second undergrad

Geography: non-swomen


Can't believe I get to post here! Here's to all the non-trads!!!


Have accepted at Mac. A little sad as Western was an amazing experience.

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Date: May 10 12:12 EST

Result: Accepted! (London campus)

2 Best years GPA: 3.87

MCAT: 127/130/127/131

Interview: Didn't feel great coming out, but didn't feel like I bombed it either. I was more confident last year when I interviewed (and ended up on the low-waitlist). I really felt like I was rambling at times but some answers felt decent enough.

Writing Sample: I wasn't too worried about it going in, felt fine coming out

Year: Completed Masters

Geography: Non-swomen


I've never posted before but I wanted to now because I know how awful it feels to go through the interview and not get in. I was really disappointed a year ago, but I rewrote the MCAT, finished my Masters, and decided not to give up. It sucks big time not getting in, but it's still possible to try again and achieve it! So for anyone who didn't get the result you were hoping for, feel the way you need to today, and then pick yourself up and try again!

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