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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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Accepted - Unspecified campus 

Time Stamp: 12:10PM

cGPA: 3.78

Best two years: 3.82 

ECs: undergraduate and graduate research, conferences/abstracts/publications, hospital volunteering, joined initiatives/clubs that I was passionate about, international development

MCAT: 31Q/511

Interview: Went very well, felt so comfortable with the interviewers (who were SO friendly), just had to be myself (without the pressure of the interview on my shoulders)

Writing sample: was good; short and sweet.


BSc and MSc completed



I accepted the offer!

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Result: waitlist (normal) Geography: non-swomen + OOP Degree: BScHK 2019 Timestamp: 9:06AM 2YGPA: 3.97 AABS: filled out 8/8 and the about me. Varsity athlete, camp counselor,

Result: Accepted to Windsor campus (Normal Waitlist) Time stamp: June 6th 2017, not sure what time the call came as it went to my dad... I'm currently out of the country! 2yr GPA: 3.97

Result: Accepted (Windsor Campus, 1st choice) Timestamp: 10:20 AM EST 2YGPA: ~3.9 MCAT: 520 (128/131/131/130) ECs: A bit off the beaten curve; dropped out of school to work full-ti

High Waitlist

Time Stamp: 12:22PM

GPA: 3.92

MCAT: 35 (12,12,11)

Interview: Was pretty good, but thought of lots of things I could've added or said differently.


Graduated UG last year


My heart sank when I saw the "Your Application to Schulich..." title, but at least high waitlist is almost guaranteed an acceptance. After 3 app cycles and with this being my only interview in Canada I'll take it  :D

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Normal waitlist

Time Stamp: 12:26 pm

GPA: 3.89

MCAT: 32 (11/9/12)

Interview: I thought it was decent, definitely stumbled on a few questions, but I also felt like I was able to shine and come across as unique with my personal experiences and ECs.

Year: Graduated UG 2015

Geography: IP SWOMEN


Here's hoping for some magical waitlist movement.

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Accepted - London campus Praise God!!! 

Time Stamp: 12:10 PM

Best two years: 3.90

ECs: various volunteering, some research but no pubs, some employment. Feel free to message me for detail 

MCAT: 11/12/11

Interview: I did not think my interview went well. Apparently a lot of people feel this way so don`t put too much stock in your feelings after the intervierw....just keep positive!!


Year: Graduated UG

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Normal Waitlist

Time Stamp: 12:26PM

GPA: 3.96

MCAT: 522 (132/131/130/129)

Interview: Cringiest experience ever. Wanted to leave after the first question. Either my interviewers gave me pity points or they mixed me up with someone else, cuz I have no idea I didn't get a outright rejection. 


4th year UG 


Was really really surprised I didn't get rejected. 

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Low Waitlist
Time Stamp: 12:28PM
GPA: 3.92
MCAT: 11/11/12
Interview: Felt great leaving it, but as time passed, I remembered more cumbersome details of the exchange. Frankly, I am not surprised with this result.
Finishing MSc.


Congratulations to all my fellow interviewees and to those accepted today! Good luck to those of you still in purgatory! The journey is almost over so hang tough!

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Accepted - Unspecified campus 

Time Stamp: 12:16PM

GPA: 3.925 (best 2 years)

MCAT: 12/11/12

Interview: Overall I had a really good interview weekend, and also enjoyed the interview itself. Coming out of it I felt good about some parts of it but then was really starting to question myself for other questions.


2016 Graduate


Looking forward to September!

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Accepted! (London campus)

Timestamp: May 10 12:08 EST

Interview: Strongest one in my opinion

Writing Sample: Guess it was good!

Year: Graduated BSc last year (gap year)

Geography: Non-swomen


WANT TO CLICK ACCEPT RIGHT NOW but will weigh out options first. Congrats everyone who applied, interviewed, waitlisted and accepted - every stage is an achievement in itself!

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Accepted to London


Time Stamp: 12:10PM
GPA: 3.84 (best 2 years)
MCAT: 13/11/12
Interview: Didn't think it went well but guess it was good enough!


Stoked to have been accepted but I unfortunately didn't get a great vibe during my interview weekend so I will be turning down this offer for Mac...hope this helps someone on the waitlist!

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Accepted to London campus!!


Time Stamp: 12:06PM
wGPA: 3.96
MCAT: 11/12/11
Interview: I prepared a lot for the interview, and had already thought about how to answer most of the questions they posed me before the actual interview. I tried really hard to connect with all my interviewers and just make them smile. Two did this fairly easily, but one had a hard face most of the time, and was difficult for me to gauge. Overall, I had a positive experience in the interview, and got a chance to tell them why I wanted to be a doctor due to some spare time at the end of the interview. Writing section was pretty easy, and I think it was just to weed out the bottom of the barrel.

EC's: Honestly, not that strong. Some hospital volunteering, research, and random volunteer work and work experience. My best EC was from this year, where I volunteered in the k-12 school of a small rural aboriginal community, and hosted a bunch of extracurricular activities in addition to the 8-hour work day. 

Year: BSc May 2015; currently in a gap year


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Accepted to unspecified campus

Timestamp: May 10 @ 12:09 PM

wGPA: 3.88

MCAT: 520 (130 phys/ chem, 132 CARS, 130 Bio, 128 psych/soc)

Interview: I did not really prepare at all.  I am a mature student with an established career and tons of experience interviewing.  Still- it felt awkward at times and I think I could have done better.  I found the writing sample to be easy.

ECs: Nothing that exciting except for practical experience.  I have 6+ years working in healthcare in managerial roles, I have worked on the executive team of a major urban hospital. 


I will be rejecting this as I also got into Mac which is close to home.

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Accepted (London, 1st choice)

wGPA: not sure but >3.9

MCAT: 12B/11V/11P

Interview: Amazing. Last 5-10 minutes was the physician telling me and the other interviewers that I'm perfect for Western and vice verse.


5th year PhD in neuro, with plenty of research/scholarships/leadership and long term community involvement.


While I'm thrilled with the out come, I loved Western's campus and feel (and London), I'll likely have to decline. I also got U of T, and Mac + Queen's wait-list, but I've always leaned towards Mac. PM me if you can help me chose :)

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Accepted! (London Campus)  :)

Time: 12:10pm, May 10, 2016

Year: graduated 1 year ago

wGPA: 4.0

MCAT: 11/12/11

ECs: published research (not medical related), worked as kinesiologist and environmental scientist, volunteered at 2 hospitals getting direct patient contact, various clubs and student government.


I did really poorly GPA-wise in 1st and 2nd year, and have had to battle back a long way to be here. It feels surreal to finally be able to write this. Feel free to PM me if you want tips on how to turn things around.

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Accepted - Unspecified campus (London specified at 3:55 pm on May 26)

Time Stamp: 12:17PM

GPA: 3.80 (Actually ended up being my worse two years)

MCAT: 130, 129, 130, 130

Interview: It went smoothly but honestly I felt fairly mediocre and unimpressive, though personable enough. So I am very pleased to be receiving an acceptance!


Year: finished fourth year

ECs: Fairly average to decent. A bit of research, good hospital volunteering, some leadership in a recreation club, lifeguarding.. 


So excited to begin, now hopefully I don't flub the acceptance process :)

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TIME STAMP: 12:21 PM (May 10)

High Waitlist

2yGPA: 3.99

MCAT: 34 (10/12/12)

Interview: It went good IMO, I really enjoyed it and was only slightly nervous.

ECs: Research, TA, volunteering, 2 abstracts, art commissions, scholarships, retail work (long term employment), 2 years co-op in hospitals.

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TIME STAMP: May 26, 2016 ~2pm

Accepted off High Waitlist (London Campus)

2yGPA: 3.85

MCAT: 524 (Phys 132/Bio 130/Psych 132/CARS 130)

Interview: It was ok, looking back, some questions could have been better

ECs: Non-trad, work experience, student council, one summer of research, volunteer in hospital, preceptor for pharmacy students


Feeling ecstatic. 99.9% will accept (sorry to waitlisters after me).

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TIME STAMP: May 30, 2016 ~12pm

Accepted off High Waitlist (WindsorCampus)

2yGPA: 3.96

MCAT: 515 (Phys 130/CARS 130/Bio 130/Psych 125)

YEAR: 4th Year UG

Interview: I had a lot of fun with it, could have been a bit more professional.


ECs: Mostly just research, did a few club stuff here and there. No clinical experience. 


Will be accepting!

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Date: May 30 12:45 EST

Result: Accepted off High Waitlist to Windsor Campus

2 Best years GPA: 3.80

MCAT: 10/11/12

Interview: Left feeling good, then slowly started to think I didn't do well

Writing Sample: I haven't written anything significant in a year so I felt my thoughts were scrambled

ECs: pretty standard

Year: Graduated 2015

Geography: non-swomen

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Date: May 31st 12:30 EDT

Result: Accepted off normal waitlist to windsor campus

2 Best years gpa: 3.90

MCAT: 12/11/11

Interview: Honestly left feeling like I could have done better and that I used too many so's, uhh's etc. I tried to be as genuine as I could though.

Writing Sample: It was okay, just felt like I was paraphrasing main concepts.

ECs: pretty standard

Year: Graduating in June


Geography: non-swomen


Will likely be accepting!

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This is my first posting ever, I was just lurking before but would like to contribute since the thread has been quiet!

I got a call off the normal waitlist today for Windsor


Result: Accepted off normal waitlist to Windsor

Date: June 13 at around 2:50pm (mountain time)

2 best years GPA: 3.89

MCAT: 10B/10P/11V

Interview: It was my first panel interview (had only done Calgary's MMI before), and it felt like it went poorly. I walked out feeling good and then over the next few weeks I remembered saying "umm" a lot and was kicking myself for not saying certain things.

Writing sample: It went okay, kept it simple and just did exactly what the instructions said to do.

ECs: volunteered in hospital setting and preschool for special needs children during University. After uni worked at the preschool for a few years and have been working at an Opthalmology clinic.

Year: graduated June 2013

Geography: OOP

Will be accepting


Im turning 25 soon and although that isn't old, I was feeling discouraged and inadequate after interviewing and being waitlisted and rejected from u of c. It's been said, but don't give up, and don't let the application cycles drain you or take away from your life. Continue to do what you want, work or travel or do whatever you want to do, because once you're in med school, it is a huge commitment.

I was frustrated that I graduated 3 years ago and still wasn't in, but looking back I'm glad I travelled and enjoyed life in the mean time.

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