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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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Result: Accepted to London campus!

Timestamp: May 8th 2018, 10:23 AM EDT

GPA: ~3.9

MCAT: 513

ECs: 3 years worth of research in 2 labs, 3 executive positions in university clubs, 2 years of volunteering at my university's student medical response service. I'm currently working as a clinical research assistant and volunteer at the local homeless shelter. Also went on a volunteer trip to Africa in the past year.

Interview: I felt really relaxed going in to the interview - a few of my friends were volunteering that day as class of 2021. I thought the interview went fairly smoothly. There were a couple of of questions that right after I felt less confident about, but overall I thought I did fairly well. The interviewers were very warm and kind throughout the interview. It was shorter being roughly 35 minutes, and I spent 10ish minutes afterwards talking with the interviewers. I had many doubts the following couple of weeks about it, but I'm glad my gut feeling was wrong!

Geography: SWOMEN

Year: Graduated with Honours BSc. in May 2017. Currently taking a gap year.

Holy smokes I was not expecting to get offered acceptance straight out. This is my second year applying in Canada and last year got the middle wait list at Western, so I was crossing my fingers for the high wait list. I was in Athens at the time I got the email (I'm backpacking with a friend through Greece and Italy), and was not expecting it to come for at least another hour so it was a great surprise.

I accepted the offer right away! All the best to those on the wait list! :)

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Result: Accepted to Windsor campus (Normal Waitlist) Time stamp: June 6th 2017, not sure what time the call came as it went to my dad... I'm currently out of the country! 2yr GPA: 3.97

Result: Accepted (Windsor Campus, 1st choice) Timestamp: 10:20 AM EST 2YGPA: ~3.9 MCAT: 520 (128/131/131/130) ECs: A bit off the beaten curve; dropped out of school to work full-ti

Result: waitlist (normal) Geography: non-swomen + OOP Degree: BScHK 2019 Timestamp: 9:06AM 2YGPA: 3.97 AABS: filled out 8/8 and the about me. Varsity athlete, camp counselor,

On 5/8/2018 at 2:28 PM, western_papi said:

Result: Accepted! (London Campus)

Timestamp: May 8th;  10:25 AM EST

2 yr GPA: 3.87
MCAT:  CPFBS 128 / CARS 129 / BBFLS 129 / PSBSB 129

ECs/Volunteer: Some research (no pubs), various volunteer (hospitals, school writing centre) , dragon boat 

InterviewMy second cycle interviewing here. It went significantly better than last year, but there were still 3 or 4 questions that I thought i was below-average on. I was also really nervous and talked fast. But overall, I felt like I had strong content. 

Year: Finished UG in 2016, working since then

Geography: IP, non-SWOMEN

Will be accepting! 


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Result: Accepted

Timestamp: 10:19 AM EST

2 yr GPA: 3.84

MCAT: 383 (128, 125, 130)

ECs/Volunteer: research, hospital, teaching, and various other volunteer and employment positions.

Interview: first time interviewing.I felt it went amazing; I was super confident and energetic/myself, made the panel laugh a bunch of times, they all seemed very engaged, and I got a lot of reassuring head nods from the doctor at the end of a lot of my answers. 

Year: finished UG this year

Geography: SWOMEN

Will be accepting.

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Result: Wait-listed (removed myself in favor of Mac)

Timestamp: 10:41 AM EST

2 yr GPA: 3.84 Conditional (only 1 year met requirement, in process of special non-degree year)

MCAT:  128, 130, 129 (Phy, Bio, CARS)

ECs/Volunteer: Research, volunteer, some personal achievements, etc.

Interview: Felt great in my answers and was very confident. Walked out feeling great. Disappointed in the wait-list but will be accepting Mac's offer.

Year: Graduated 2016

Geography: Non-SWOMEN (GTA)

Best of luck to everyone! 

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Result: Accepted to Windsor Campus off Wait-list (middle list)

Timestamp: 1:56 PM EST

2 yr GPA: 3.89

MCAT:  126, 132, 130 (Phy, Bio, CARS)

ECs/Volunteer: Heavy, including lots of research (though non-science and with no publications), lots of volunteering, leadership positions in a number of groups, and graduate degree funded by national scholarship

Interview: Absolutely terrible, combination of not having spent enough time preparing and having a few issues the morning of (act of god led to me showing up almost late, pants ripped, computer crashed for the written part: worst hour and a half of my life) 

Year: Finishing Masters

Geography: SWOMEN

I'm absolutely psyched! Best of luck to all of you!  

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Posting late but I really wanted to give some hope to all my low-gpa future MD colleagues out there who might be scrolling through all these 3.9+ stats. I had just one interview - so don't lose hope if you've seen your fair share of rejections this cycle! 

Result: Accepted to London (initially unspecified campus)

Timestamp: 10:17 am 

2 yr GPA: 3.79

MCAT:  129, 129, 131 (Phy, Bio, CARS)

ECs/Volunteer:  A lot of research (but only one publication - fourth author), not tonnes of volunteering but I ended up mentioning 3-4 volunteering experiences in my interview. 

Interview: It went very well. I had prepped as much as I felt I could (had about 10 practice interviews with student services at my school/ friends/Medical students I knew) and had tried to introspect a lot to have both honest, engaging, and relevant answers. I even used interview stream. I tried to leave no stone unturned here. 

Year: Just finished 4th

Geography: Non-SWOMEN

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Hello everyone, I am super late in posting this, sorry for that. This forum/thread has been so helpful to me over the years and it feels amazing being able to post here and give back/share :)  

Result: Accepted to London (initially accepted to Windsor off the high waitlist then later offered a spot in London)

Timestamp: May 29th approx. 12:30 pm 

2 yr GPA: 3.85 

MCAT:  127, 129, 128 (Chem/Phys, CARS, Bio)

ECs/Volunteer:  Lots of involvement (leadership roles) in clubs on campus, research throughout undergrad (two minor publications - nothing huge/wide-reaching/high impact factor), hospital volunteering, ran a small landscaping business during the summers, medical missions trip to Costa Rica for 2 weeks in third year, volunteered with various charities, volunteering extensively at my local place of worship as youth leader & activity organizer etc, involved in various advocacy/fundraising activities on campus, involved in organizing and presenting at mental health conferences on campus   

Interview: Didn't feel particularly confident about it when I left the room, finished in the middle of the pack (after the 5-minutes-left signal, but before time was up), got mostly positive vibes from the interviewers, I felt I didn't "sell" myself enough, or that some of my answers were one-sided, but I guess I did alright after all!  

Year: Just finished 6th year

Geography: Non-SWOMEN

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Result: Accepted to Windsor campus!

Timestamp: May 14 12pm

2 yr GPA: 3.81

MCAT:  126, 126, 130 (Chem/Phys, CARS, Bio) 

Interviewwas a tough interview overall, and the panel seemed like they were rushing to finish, but leaving that room I felt like I obliterated that interview. Felt good about it up until a week ago where I started to doubt myself. Thankfully my initial thoughts were right.  

Geography: SWOMEN

Since I only applied to one school, I will be taking this offer with open arms. Best of luck to everyone else!!!!!!

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Have acceptances on OMSAS and the Western student portal so hoping it's legit


Timestamp: May 14 

Result: Accepted to London Campus 

wGPA: 3.97


MCAT: 128/128/129/xx

Interview: Felt very nervous during, wasn't sure how to feel afterwards. Panel was stone faced the entire time, did not feel like we were engaged to any degree. Got reassuring nods from doctor on panel however which may have been my saving grace. 


I almost don't want to post this before I've received the email to confirm.



Edit: It's official, received the email this morning :):):):)

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Timestamp: May 14, 5am

Result: Waitlisted


2yGPA: 3.78

MCAT: (129/128/127)

Pretty disappointed, felt I did well in the interview but guess not. Anyone have any idea when they start calling people from the waitlist? I'm assuming it starts a week or two after the first round of offers.

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Timestamp: May 14 @ 9:36 AM

Result: Accepted to Windsor Campus (first choice)

wGPA: 3.97

ECs: Very diverse and long-term. Feel free to PM me for more information.


Year: Just finished M.Sc. last month

MCAT: 519 (131/128/130/130)

Interview: Panel was really stone faced and only receptive when I gave an answer. The physician stared through my soul and crossed his arms, but at the end smiled finally and shook my hand. I honestly thought this was my worst interview but I guess it worked out!

Will be accepting after I receive the email to make sure I'm doing the correct things.

Edit: It's official! Best of luck to everybody and congratulations to those that were accepted! I'm grateful.

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I'm abroad and cannot for the life of me access my student centre portal so i'm hoping someone can help ! 

- I have an offer in the Omsas website, but we're receiving emails tomorrow right ? 

- Is there any student portal center steps to do like accepting ? Because I won't have access until after the may 28th deadline when I get home 

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1 hour ago, Mim said:

I'm abroad and cannot for the life of me access my student centre portal so i'm hoping someone can help ! 

- I have an offer in the Omsas website, but we're receiving emails tomorrow right ? 

- Is there any student portal center steps to do like accepting ? Because I won't have access until after the may 28th deadline when I get home 

When you click accept on the student portal, it redirects me to the ouac page. So I guess confirming on omsas is enough, unless a followup email says otherwise 

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