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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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3 hours ago, TClooney said:

Did anyone get located at a campus that was not their first choice? Or does it just say unspecified for everyone that might be in this position? 

I specified London as my first choice and currently have an unspecified location. Would love to go to London campus but if I can not guarantee that this will be the case I will be taking my offer with Mac, no offense to Windsor natives. 

I was faced with this choice myself last year (between several schools that I considered pretty equal, but was given unspecified campus at Western). I was told afterwards that almost everyone who gets unspecified gets London eventually, but not before I had to make my decision. 

Essentially, you have to decide whether what you like about Western (the 4 year program if that's something you like, etc.) outweighs the small chance you could end up in a location you aren't as big a fan of. These choices are super hard (I spent days deliberating), so don't rush it.

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Result: waitlist (normal) Geography: non-swomen + OOP Degree: BScHK 2019 Timestamp: 9:06AM 2YGPA: 3.97 AABS: filled out 8/8 and the about me. Varsity athlete, camp counselor,

Result: Accepted to Windsor campus (Normal Waitlist) Time stamp: June 6th 2017, not sure what time the call came as it went to my dad... I'm currently out of the country! 2yr GPA: 3.97

Result: Accepted (Windsor Campus, 1st choice) Timestamp: 10:20 AM EST 2YGPA: ~3.9 MCAT: 520 (128/131/131/130) ECs: A bit off the beaten curve; dropped out of school to work full-ti

Result: Accepted (London Campus)

Timestamp:  May 14 around 10AM

2 yr GPA: 3.96

MCAT:  CARS 129 total 518 

Interview: I felt it could have gone better with regard to a few questions in the middle but I had a very strong start with my introduction + initial questions with some of my more personal experiences and I think that grabbed the interviewers' attention from the get-go. I did not shy from using a traumatic past experience to demonstrate how I grew as a character and chose medicine as a result. Hence, I don't agree how many people on forums strongly discourage people from sharing intimate moments or even calling such applicants "damaged goods" (which is extremely rude, judgmental, and insensitive). It's all about how you present your story. If you want to sob and hope they pity accept you then you will not get in. I stayed composed at my interview although I cried many times during mock interviews because of how traumatic it was for me to recall the whole incident. But on interview day I wanted to show them I truly grew from my past and what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger and even more ready to accept the challenges of medicine. And they resonated.

CanMEDS are always good references but sometimes it is impossible to cover all of them in the span of one interview. I think it's more important to be genuine instead of polished. The interview is meant to show the human side of you, not the robotic stat side of you. 

My EC's were heavily community-service focused including servicing many underprivileged populations in my local community. That gave me a lot of material to expand on during the interview (and perhaps contributed to my lack of interviews at UofT, Queens, and Ottawa, yikes since I didn't have the most leadership and research). 

I hope this information proves to be helpful without breaching confidentiality of the interview (I understand I am not supposed to and will not leak questions + content) - mods if that is the case please let me know and I will abridge it. 

Geography: IP, Non-SWOMEN

Already firmly accepted the offer on OMSAS.

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Result: high waitlist - will likely be removing myself for Queens!

Timestamp: May 14 8:55AM

2 yr GPA: ~3.9

MCAT:  130/128/131/129

InterviewFelt SO bad, was positive I'd get much worse news from Western, I was only in the room for 35/45 minutes and I knew some of my answers were rambling and poorly thought out... I could see the marks that one of the members of my panel was giving me which really threw me off! 

Geography: non-SWOMEN

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Result: High Waitlist, EDIT: Accepted on May 30th!

2 yr GPA: 3.96

MCAT:  130/128/132

Interview: honestly really convoluted question stems at times but a very friendly panel experience! Had a great time overall in spite of a few hiccups here and there! 

Geography: IP, Non-SWOMEN

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2 hours ago, Rabeprazole said:

As the application system has changed for Western, so should the way these are reported. There needs to be a greater emphasis on ECs reported as they now have become a greater factor in getting into this school.

good point I think - we will have to encourage full disclosure with the changing times!

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Result: accepted (London campus)

Timestamp: May 14, 9:52AM

2 yr GPA: 3.85

MCAT:  128/129/128 (Chem, CARS, Bio)

InterviewFelt good coming out of the interview. Really connected well with the community panel member. The doctor "challenged" me several times by asking me a lot of follow ups or just asking a completely off-handed question (the doctor literally asked how do you think we can improve Indigenous health, fairly out of the blue, and it was not a interview question). The weeks after the interview felt like hell, though. Kept on second-guessing my performance and getting vivid PTSD-like flashes of the interview.

Geography: non-SWOMEN

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'll make a late addition to the results as I try to stave off anxiety during the long wait...

Result: High Waitlist

Timestamp: May 14, 8:55am

2 yr GPA: 3.89

MCAT: 126/132/127/130

Interview: I felt that my interview went fairly well. Overall, I think I connected with the panel and didn't have any major blunders. However, there were a few questions where I could have done better, which might be reflective of where I've ended up. Specifically, I think I did better on the more situational or ethics-based types of questions. Despite having some unique EC's, I don't think I did enough to highlight them when given the chance. I probably could have created more explicit links between my EC's and success in medicine, but it's tough to tell how much of a factor that was. Aside from those general thoughts, there was one question where I strongly feel I weakened my chance at an outright offer. Without giving away specifics, it was a type of question that most applicants could answer in the same way. It was a straightforward question and I quickly answered with a very basic response. With a little more consideration, I could have offered something more compelling. I didn't say anything stupid, but it was definitely boring and predictable. At this point, I assume small differences can result in very different outcomes for applicants.

Geography: SWOMEN

EC's: with the greater emphasis on EC's, I'll share the main activities I submitted in my application

- Six years as a stepfather, father, and husband (emphasized the teamwork and leadership necessary to keep a family running from day to day)
- Three years teaching anatomy and physiology at the post-secondary level
- Fourteen years as a member of a competitive martial arts team, which included coaching, team training, and competition up to the professional level in mixed martial arts
- Seven years practicing as a registered massage therapist
- Over a year as a foster parent to a teenager

I relied on a smaller number of highly-involved EC's, with a few minor ones that I mentioned during interview. I was very happy with how my aABS turned out and hoped to use my EC's as a strength during interview. I don't think I quite succeeded, but hopefully it's brought me far enough for an offer off the waitlist.

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Result: Accepted to Windsor from High Waitlist (declined in favour of McMaster)

Timestamp: received call on May 30

2 yr GPA: 3.98

MCAT: 131/130/129/132

Interview: was my first med interview and it was terrible - I was internally cringing at everything I said. Finished the interview in 30 min, a full 15 min earlier than anyone else, thought it was for sure a reject.

Geography: non-SWOMAN

ECs: several long term commitments, many music-related ECs, work, student council, community leadership. Nothing amazing, but I'm proud of my aABS and think I was able to highlight my values and my contributions. They also helped for interview questions for sure.

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  • 11 months later...

Result: Accepted to London campus

Timestamp: May 12th, 0900-ish

2 yr GPA: 3.96

MCAT: 130/128/129/129

Interview: Some of my responses I was happy with, but many of them I absolutely hated and would do very differently if given another chance.... but I guess it was good enough :)

Geography: non-SWOMAN

ECs: several very long term commitments, health-related work and volunteer activities. Everything I did I loved. A bunch of advocacy stuff that is important to me. Some poster pres & oral Pres with one publication in a student journal (nothing special) with one manuscript in progress at the time of application. 

I will most likely be declining the offer, for Queens. Good luck to those on the wait list! If this is truely what you're passionate about and you've done a fair bit of reflection on it, then work on your weaknesses & keep going at it! My path has certainly been very atypical :) 


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Result: waitlisted (high)

Timestamp:  9:05am

2 yr GPA: 3.895

MCAT: 522 (131/129/130/132)

Interview: my first interview (in-person). although i started out a little nervous i think i warmed up fairly quickly, and afterward i felt really good about it. i did fumble one question, but other than that i think i mostly i gave thorough & thoughtful answers. my panel was friendly but a little stoic. i made a joke at the end that they all laughed at, and then the physician on my panel said "we are delighted you're considering our school", so i felt like they liked me.

Geography: IP & non-SWOMEN

i'm really cut up about this. western was my first choice and i kind of expected an offer yesterday (my mistake of course - there should be no expectations in this process lol). not sure what to do as i'm pretty sure i will need to let my mac offer lapse in order to get off the western waitlist and that just seems dangerous. feeling sad rn.

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1 hour ago, cmo said:

Result: Waitlisted

Timestamp:  9:06 am

2 yr GPA: 3.86

MCAT: 516

Interview: virtual. Thought it went fine 

Geography: IP, non-SWOMEN

Will be removing myself from the waitlist in favour of Queen's or UBC. Congrats to those who were accepted!


Hey, congrats on Queens and UBC.

What type of waitlist was Western? High, Normal or Low?

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posting for stats


Timestamp: student centre @ 12

2-year GPA: 3.96

MCAT: above cutoffs

Interview: online, was OK thought i said a red flag and was so nervous this entire time

ABS: filled 8/8 plus the about me section. i think the biggest thing about the ABS is just giving a concise spiel about how your activity meets the category (HOW does this demonstrate social accountability or w.e. ) and being as clear as possible when answering the questions they are asking. for example, if they are asking for 3 things you learned in this position and how it will impact your career in medicine, you better literally spell it out for them (i literally numbered mine). after interviewing twice here, i think they mark your entry with a very strict rubric so follow their instructions to a T. 

Year: graduated last year!

Geography: SWOMEN

man truly a surreal feeling. last year i got low waitlisted after the interview so i made sure this year to put BARE work into my interview skills. i can say from first hand experience that its a skill you can LEARN after loads of practice and i think advice from the right people. 


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Following suit to keep stats in one thread:

Result: Accepted (holy bleep) - London

Timestamp: May 12th, 12am (student center portal)

2-year GPA: 3.73

MCAT: 129/128/129

AABS: 7/8 essays, did repeat one activity and one was even from high school (but had done it for all 4yrs there). Did a really good job (I think) explaining how the experiences linked to the value, what I learned/gained from the experience and how it would help in a career in medicine. Some were more cliche/obviously linked to the value, but others were somewhat far out, but I linked them back well. 

Interview: Online- apparently went well, didn't feel stellar about it

Year: just graduated (4th)

Geography: Non-SWOMEN

Accepted offer, genuinely SHOOK right now. Stunned. SO flipping excited. First in my fam to go to university, first to be a doctor

Update: (week and a half later and I'm still shook)

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Result: waitlist (normal)

Geography: non-swomen + OOP

Degree: BScHK 2019
Timestamp: 9:06AM
2YGPA: 3.97

AABS: filled out 8/8 and the about me. Varsity athlete, camp counselor, mentor, tutor, special olympics, outdoors experiences. Extensive research(350+hours), national presentation, 2 pubs in preparation.

MCAT: 515 (129/128/128/130) 

Interview: In person. I think I was having a bit of an off day and it took me a while to relax during the interview. Didn’t think my answers were the best but I knew they weren’t awful. I think I could’ve expanded on some things more as I finished 10 minutes early...


Second time applicant, first time interviewing at Western. Was rejected from FIVE schools post-interview last year, below average interviews at every one (most gave some sort of feedback). My mom died a month before the rejections and it was a really tough few months. As devastating as this was, this past year allowed me to explore new passions, learn a lot about myself and become more confident about speaking about everything I had experienced! 

Declined my waitlist offer as I was accepted at UBC! If you didn’t hear the news you wanted, have faith that everything will work out eventually. Weaknesses can be turned into strengths with enough time and practice! 

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