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UBC OHC Tour/Q and A Session BONUS info

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Hi Everyone,



I did not get the opportunity to show you where you will be learning with the medical students during the tours I coordinated. I plan to incorporate a tour of those areas as well next year. Meanwhile, if you want to know where your lectures will mostly be at, please look at the two links below.


Year 1 will be spent in LSC:




Year 2 will be mostly at the DHCC at VGH and also at the LSC


-- Note: the DHCC lecture hall and PBL rooms are so new they don't even have pictures up. In fact, I just started using the lecture hall in January 2007.

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As I have spoken at the tours, it is quite a privilege to enjoy the latest technology, the newest lecture halls, the newest buildings.


If any of you who have been accepted to UBC would like to look at the buildings, lecture halls, and want a PERSONAL tour from me, just contact me.


Oh, depending on whether I can handle it and the numbers interested, those who are accepted can SPEND A DAY with me in lectures.

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Are there any more accepted applicants interested in my offer?


For those on waitlist, when you get off the waitlist, feel free to contact me with regards to this offer. The only exception is if you get off after school ends for me, of course you cannot spend a day observing my lectures.

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