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Hey guys, Im a UBC student going into 3rd year this fall. I havent been takng full course loads for the first 2 years but want to take 5 full courses for the next two years. Im planning on doing a 6 credit directed studies course in my 3rd year and a 6 credit student seminar( which I will be coordinating) in my 4th year. So my question is, how do med schools look at these types of courses? Are they just considered any other course or do they frown upon taking courses such as these, specifically the student directed seminar. Thanks in advance for your help.

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I know many people in med school who did student directed seminar, directed studies or both, so they can't be bad things. I don't have any idea if they consider them equal to other courses or not though.


Personally I could see them actually looking favourably upon them because it shows independence, motivation, etc. but that's just me.



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Hey there...

I can not imagine they look down on these courses...

They are great!


Directed Study...

May publish a paper!

May get a great letter of reference! and/or make other great contacts.

May learn to understand research in general - medicine is entirley based on research! EBM - evidence based medicine...

Forced to write a thesis!


6 credit student seminar (which you will be coordinating)!!!!!!!

Shows that you are self directed and take initiative in your learning.

Good for developing people skills and presenting.


These are maybe the best courses you can take in University. This is learning. Anyone can get an A+ on anatomy or physiology - big deal, you learn it in med anyway. You should get a good mark in these courses as well.


Only one recomendation - get a good 448. Take some time talking to profs and do something that you are actually interested in. If you can get your name on a paper - even better! Consider a NSERC grant in the summer as well - if possible to try to publish!


good luck,


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