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Endocrinology is generally one of the least competitive internal medicine subspecialties. A general endocrinologist will do a 2 year fellowship following the 3 core years of IM. Some people choose to specialize yet further (ie. reproductive endocrinology, etc)


Their hours are very nice! Most of endocrinology is outpatient work, meaning you'll be seeing patients in clinic, and won't have any inpatients you are primarily responsible for. You might be on a call rota covering the endocrinology consult service, but this is not very busy, and most of the time your pager does not ring. This is because there are very few endocrine emergencies. Most patients can simply be seen during working hours the next day, or as outpatients in the clinic.


As with all specialties, you can have an academic position or be in private practice. You can choose to become involved in research, teaching or administration.

I know it's a subjective question, but is endocrinology an interesting specialty, or are you basically just dealing with diabetics all day?

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What kind of salary range to endocrinologists work in? Also is there a subspecialty of endocrinology that deals with steroid users, I am particulary interested in this field.




In that allied physicians survey, it says they make about 150k. Mind you, that's in the US, so I bet it is even less in Canada.

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