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When applying to a US med school, do they all look at 2 separate GPAs (your science courses GPA and your overall GPA)? Or is this at some universities only....I keep seeing this pop up on SDN. What's the deal?


Yes there are 3 GPAs listed on your application: BCPM, AO and cumulative GPA.




BCPM: 3.76, 105 credits hours

AO: 3.49, 21 credit hours

Total: 3.72, 126 credit hours


6 Credit Hours = a FULL year course (eg. BIO150Y1)

126 Credit Hours = 21 FULL year courses I took, of which only 3.5 courses were not BCPM.


From personal experience I believe total GPA still holds most weight. Followed closely by BCPM...




The BCPM GPA is comprised of courses, which are considered to be

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics courses. And compromise of the following courses (see below). AO (all others) is everything not included below.


Biology (BIOL) - BCPM

• Anatomy

• Biology

• Biophysics

• Biotechnology

• Botany

• Cell Biology

• Ecology

• Entomology

• Genetics

• Histology

• Immunology

• Microbiology

• Molecular Biology

• Neuroscience

• Physiology


Chemistry (CHEM) - BCPM

• Biochemistry

• Chemistry

• Physical Chemistry

• Thermodynamics


Math (MATH) - BCPM

• Applied Mathematics

• Mathematics

• Statistics


Physics (PHYS) - BCPM

• Astronomy

• Physics



Source: AAMC Instruction Booklet. Look at pages 76-79

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Can anybody care to enlighten me on how US medical schools calculate your GPA's. For example, I'm from the UofM and we use a 4.5 grade point system, however I've heard other institutions using 4.0.


This has been on my mind for a while. Perhaps someone on here could help me out.



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