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how do u go about releasing ur mcat scores

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i was just wondering how do we go about releasing our mcat scores? is it through mcat thx or whatever it's called system, and then do they automatically send it to the canadian universities the day of? how does it work exactly? let's say the release date of the scores is oct. 10, and the universities need to get it by oct 13, how would u go about sending these scores?


any info is greatly appreciated.


thx and take care,



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Hi Kalia,


Yep, once the scores are released, you can send the scores via ThX. This basically consists of you logging into the MCAT ThX thingy and then telling them to send it to OMSAS (and any other schools you're applying to). They will send it to the schools and you can look for confirmation on the system, which shows up ~1day later. I think OMSAS also gives you confirmation. I vaguely recall needing to email OMSAS something - an ID code or what not? I don't really remember. But no need to worry - it is very clear and easy to do as long as you remember to do it.

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