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As someone who is riding the coat tails of the cohort and applying this summer all I can say is that it is crappy for me. But my graduating class is made up of ppl who have taken the test of fire by being screwed over many many times by this process. The ppl who are left at this point are above average the stats show this. The cohort wave will smooth out in a few years. The ppl who are above avg who are screwed over by the cohort will just take spots from the next graduating class. The ppl that disserve it will get it. Life is a ***** it isn't fair but this one will work itself out and in the grand scheme of things just ain't that big of a deal.


If you thought class sizes would accommodate fully than you were a moron. The money and resources this would take would be insane. University isn't meant to take everyone who wants to go. University has and always will be an institution that takes the cream off the top of a nations potential great minds and molds them to be the administrative leaders of a nation. I don't want to be elitist here but this is the reality. Survival of the fittest dose apply, life is just a big meanie like that.

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Aside: I could not imagine that I was reading a blog from Moran. I never took his classes but I heard enough about this guy.


Anyway, I was also part of the double cohort. Like the poster above me, we have been burned many times for quite a number of years now, even before we got to university. In my mind, it was never really "doubled" as he suggested (as a part of the "myth"), nor do I really care that the rates were only increased for that 25% or so. Because really, all he is comparing is year by year. Not everybody graduated at 2003 and not everybody entered university in 2003. Not everybody graduates university in 2007. In fact, I know more people who are staying behind to do another semester or year or just take a year off than people who are graduating.


The effect was seen over a number of years. It's not very fair to compare just one year prior or after. But in any case, it doesn't really matter because the demand still greatly exceeds the supply, even for those who are qualified. I can't speak of anything else, but just look at medical school. I don't have stats to wave around, but I do remember something like the current number of seats is still less than what they used to be prior to government budget cuts at U of T. What does that tell me? There is not enough money in the system, and it is undeniable that the double cohort (and the echo boom) only compounds the issue further. I agree that university is not meant to accomodate EVERYONE who wants in, but at least it should provide enough such that it's pumping out as many graduates as needed while providing excellent education to prepare these graduates. I don't see too much of that happening.


Anyway, as part of the double cohort, I am graduating. (Now I'm back to being ambivalent about grad school vs another year). (I also wished that I had fast tracked. In high school I thought it was no big deal, but that was also when I thought I could do almost anything.) I know a lot of people who did not get into medical school year and I know that most will try and try again. Hopefully it will make us stronger applicants, (and ultimately better doctors :) )

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