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EDM- Furniture for sale!


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hey i'm moving to calgary for residency so i'm selling my furniture in edmonton, a lot of it is almost untouched...send me an e-mail if you're interested and make me an offer...you never know it might get accepted!


I have some pictures too...


Breakdown of furniture:


1) Italian Leather sofa- 600$ (bought for 1200$ with staff discount. regular price 1600$)


2) Dining table/4 chairs- 100$ (bought for 300$+tax from The Brick)


3) Bed/Nightstand- 150$ (bought for 250$+tax from IKEA)


4) Mattress- 200$ (Bought from IKEA...we don't remember for how much lol)


5) Desk- 100$ (Heavy metal executive desk, brought from Vancouver)


6) Black Bookshelf- 50$ (Brought from Vancouver as well)


7) Coffee table- 50$ (Bought from IKEA for 80$+tax last year)


Microfiber chairs- 125$ each or 250$ for both (Bought for 320+tax...wood/suede look)


9) Floor lamp- 35$ (Bought for 60+tax)


TOTAL 1535...rounded down to 1500$ if you buy it all


My e-mail is vanand@ualberta.ca

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