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Average GPA, but Very Solid MCAT


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I have a mediocre GPA and really need to ace the MCAT.


This honestly depends. At many schools in Canada, besides being a factor for determining cutoffs, the MCAT carries very little weight. So for those schools, it wouldn't really matter whether you were 10 points above the cutoff, or directly at it. This is especially true of Ontario schools (UWO, Queen's, UT... and of course the non-MCAT schools).


Maybe someone else can comment on other schools, but I have a feeling that for most other schools it will be a similar story.


For the US, however, the MCAT really makes a big difference in your application.

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I agree with Law. Very rarely in Canada does crushing the MCAT benefit you as much as you'd expect. However, for U of C, you get more points out of 15 for having a higher score, so I do believe it would help to have a great score there, especially if your GPA isn't as competitive. And I believe that UofM puts a ridiculously large emphasis on the MCAT (50%? Correct me if I'm wrong.), so it would help there, too.


But for the most part, if you're in the competitive range (min 10 in each section) you're A-OK. But I only say this to take the pressure off. Definitely set your sights on the highest score you can get! It'll help you achieve the results you want.


As for studying, if you're serious about doing really really well, find a prep course or prep course materials. But get something beyond review notes; practice tests and things like that are key. You don't need to get involved with prep course materials to ace it, but it takes the guesswork out of things when everything is laid out for you.

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