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Features of Computerized MCAT


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Were the following features available when you wrote the actual computerized MCAT (rather than the practice ones)?


- Search

- Strike out

- Embed text into passage





I wrote January 27/07


- search was NOT there

- strike out WAS there

- embed text into passage - sorry i'm not exactly sure what this is (if you are talking about writing little notes, I can't remember)

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It's good that these tests are computerised now. i wrote the last pen-and-paper test in aug 2006, and was the victim of a timekeeping error in the VR section.


Dozens of students reported the error, but the administration chalked the reports up to 'mass hysteria'... how convenient.


I called ACT, who was responsible for the pen-and-paper testing, and they admitted that they would not pursue the matter since MCATs were going to a new company, Prometric... how convenient.


When I explained my low VR scores to med schools, they asked for letters of admission of mistiming from MCAT, who will not respond to any inquiries... how convenient.


Fortunately my older MCAT scores were better in VR (11), and even though BS and PS were only 10 in the old one (opp. to 12 in the later one), this qualified me for interviews at my preferred school, Queen's. It was because of high MCAT cutoffs the last three years at Queen's that I kept missing interviews and decided to rewrite MCATs... how blessed a thing that they lowered their MCAT cutoffs this year! Thank God:)

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