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Guest Kirsteen

Hello all,


I can vouch for OMSAS' recommendation to use the Compass site during off-peak periods. I got on there at ~7:30 this morning to make final touches and submit the application and was pleasantly shocked at how screen after screen simply whizzed by.


Set your alarms! A few extra early-morn hours is time well spent compared to multitudes of minutes waiting for one page to upload.


Good luck,


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Guest TimmyMax

Hey everyone!


Just a little story about my submission experience last night (Oct 8) ...

So there I was, working away on my app, making final touches, figuring that it would be smooth sailing right up until the magical moment when I'd get to hit that submit button. It was nearing 4 AM, so I figured I had an hour before the site went down for scheduled maintenance. Little did I know that the site had already been taken down scant minutes before I went to submit. Frustration was the order of the day as my attempts to submit were met by the all-too-familiar Explorer message telling me that the page I'd requested could not be found! Desparate attempts to go elsewhere in my app were met by that same cursed message, and I was stranded on the next-to-last page of my app! So close, but yet, so far, as they say. Attempting to get back onto the site with three different terminals proved futile and I knew I was licked for at least one more day. Although it wasn't funny at the time, now that my hat has officially been thrown into the corral, I can see the humour of my situation.

The moral of the story? It's a long difficult road we've chosen; be sure to take some time to smell the roses along the way. Or something like that. Someday we're all going to look back on this and laaaauuuuugggghhhhh!

Best of luck to all you who have yet to submit their applications. Hopefully no one else is stymied so close to the end like I was!



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