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Guest Tal

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Here's another question for everyone. Thank goodness for this Board! :)

While many of you are eagerly awaiting answers from med schools (Good luck everybody!) I was wondering if anyone could describe to me what exactly the application looks like. Especially the Autobiographical sketch. Applications aren't available until July (although they do have that booklet, but it doesn't really tell me what to expect), but I want to start a little earlier than that.

I think I'll want to apply online, and I'm really wondering what it will look like so I can have an idea.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure I want to apply just to Western and U of T for now (if that makes a difference).

Thank you very much!

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Guest TimmyMax



The OMSAS autobiographical sketch will ask you to list all of your significant activities since the age of 16 under five or six different headings- awards & accomplishments, extracurricular, volunteer, research, employment and other (may be one category missing). You'll need a verifier for each entry, someone they can potentially contact and ask for your involvement in each activity, so work on tracking these people down. So if you're looking to get started ahead of time, work on making this list and a list of verifiers- you'll be amazed at some of the stuff you've forgotten that you did!


Best of luck!


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