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Number of Applications at a Record high

Guest Shahenshah

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Guest Shahenshah

Well here is the link from toronto star:



While it really is good that an interest in medicine has increased, I was hoping the actual effect on the number of applications would only kick in once the new med school opened..oh well, looks like this year is probably the most competitive year in the history of med school applications..hip hip hurray?:( .and this wait till May'03 is even worse and truly a slow agonizing wait..ughh!..sorry had to vent

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Wow. That's, like, the most depressing thing I've read in a long time. Ontario must officially be the most difficult place to get into medicine in the world.


(thanks for the info, though, shahenshah! it's always good to know what we're up against. this will have a bearing on how many us secondaries to bother with)



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Guest Shahenshah

sorry people..believe me it was real depressing news for me too...but just thought I'd throw this out now than later so that we're a bit more aware of this year's situation..

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Guest UWOMED2005

On the bright side, don't forget there's also quite a few more spots this year. The article states that the ratio of applicants to spots this year is 6.5 applicants/spot from 5.5 applicants/spot. That's not THAT much of a difference. If you're a really good applicant, chances are this won't affect you.


Try NOT to think about all the people you're applying against. I know, it's hard. But thinking about who you're applying against is counter-productive. Just concentrate on yourself and making yourself the best applicant possible. And to put things in perspective, there are tougher programs to get into than medicine. At least you're not applying to clinical psychology programs. . . a friend of mine was one of something like 600 applicants for 4 spots to a clinical psych program in the US a couple of years back (she got in by the way) and I hear programs in Canada are similarly competitive.


Actually, this kind of surprises me. The numbers (at least for UWO) were down last year, and I figured that trend would continue as word of the insane tuition increases since 1997 became common knowledge. Taking on a $100,000 debt to be in school into your mid-thirties for a career where you'll work insanely long hours is not a decision to be taken lightly (not that medicine is a bad career btw, but it's not all roses!) Probably has something to do with the instability of the economy, a lack of jobs in other areas, and the perception that medicine is a "stable" career field.


The link posted didn't work for me, by the way. I found the article on my own. . . this link might work better if anyone else is having problems:



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wow, that's the last hting i wanted to read tonight...

question for queen's and western, what do u think is more likely to increase the MCAT cutoffs or GPA cutoffs?


the reason i ask is while my MCAT scores are more than sufficient for both schools, my GPA is borderline.


any words of wisdom? or is there really no way to find out until they release the numbers in january.

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Guest UWOMED2005

Wish I could give you something more substantial. . . but truth is you'll have to wait until the numbers show up on the UWO website and/or you get an invite/rejection. We don't know the calibre of the additional applicants OR at what schools applications are increased.


Don't sweat or lose any sleep over this. There's nothing you can do at this point. . . but if your GPA is in that borderline range you do have a solid shot. And (not intending to get ahead of the game) if your GPA is at/near the cutoffs, you probably WILL get in if you persevere even if it isn't this year (and I don't mean to imply ANYTHING about your chances this year with that comment, btw). Good Luck.

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Guest TimmyMax



For UWO, the MCAT and GPA cutoffs won't be determined until about January when the entire applicant pool is assessed and pared. Sorry I can't tell you anything more concrete, but just being near the cutoffs for last year is an excellent start- they don't fluctuate that much from year to year!

Besides, it's all out of your hands now anyway, so just concentrate on your academic year such that if the unthinkable does happen, you'll be that much more prepared/competitive for the year after!


Best of luck!


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Guest Kirsteen

Hi guys,


Don't be too depressed yet! An alternate consideration is that the increase in the number of applications to each school may not be (and probably is not) uniform. The article has reported the overall increase in applicants to all schools in Ontario; however, if you look at the breakdown of the number of applicants who have applied to 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 schools, they're wildly different. I'd hedge my bets that a good proportion of the increase in applications may be to McMaster given a number of different factors, and if so, there's a chance that the proportion of applicants to the other schools may not have risen all that much.


Take heart!


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Guest bad hombre

I agree with Kristen in that a VERY large proportion of the application increase is probably directed to Mac. I'm sure they'll have fun sorting through all those applications.


I don't believe the # of people with high MCAT scores AND GPAs increased significantly. If one applied to Queen's, Western, and Toronto with solid stats and ec's one should still have a similar chance as last year. I don't know, that's just my opinion.

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Guest Carolyn

Yup - I was in the office today and it turns out that there has been a huge increase. I gather you could check your MCAT marks this year online before the application date which actually resulted in a decrease of applications to some schools but for some reason Mac's increased dramatically. They is now a big push here trying to find more assessors amongst the 2nd and 3rd years and extra faculty/community assessors. Apparently Ottawa also went up but not as dramatically as Macs



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One other thing to consider is that though the NUMBER of applicants increased, the QUALITY may not have significantly changed, because that's one big factor too when determining "cut-offs". I agree with what everyone's suggested, just let it go until that first letter comes because there is nothing one can do.

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Guest Hotsaw

Just FYI:


In the US, there are 2.6 applicants for each medical school seat. One of the most difficult places for admission, California, had 5.3 applicants/seat.

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Guest MayFlower1

Hey UWOMED2005,


Thanks so much for putting that in perspective...those aint' bad odds...even if one doesn't have faith :P



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Guest UWOMED2005

Haha. Actually Peter, that 1 in 6 figure is based on taking total number of seats at Ontario schools, and dividing by the total applicants applying to OMSAS, so as you've already gotten to the interview stage. . . your odds are probably quite a bit better than 1 in 6. Now, if you had been able to apply to more schools in Ontario, your odds (from a statistical perspective) would be quite a bit better.


And it is all about Faith. . . or did you not listen to George Michael when you were in High School? Oh yeah, I guess he wasn't around in the 1870s. :b

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Guest MayFlower1



First of all, let's get something straight, the 1870's were amazing...let me dig up my old diary and pull out a few memories... :P


1870s Indian Independence movement begins to grow

1870 Alexander Graham Bell immigrates to the United States

1870 John D. Rockefeller founds Standard Oil Company

1870 Mayflower born

1870 Edison's Stock ticker comes to Wall Street

1871 November 10 - Dr. Livingstone I presume? - H. M. Stanley meets David Livingstone in western Tanzania

1871 The Great Chicago Fire destroys 18,000 downtown buildings, with losses estimated at $200 million.

1871 Halftone process allows newspaper printing of pictures

1871 June 3, The Obocock Bank in Corydon, IA is relieved of the sum of $15,000 in cash by 24-year-old Jesse James and his gang of outlaws

1872 James W. Paige files for patent on typesetting machine

1872 Chicagoan John Jones (1816-1879) becomes a Cook County commissioner, the first African-American to hold elective office in Illinois

1872 Chicago merchant Aaron Montgomery Ward (1844-1913) establishes the first large-scale mail order business

1872 General Assembly in Illinois grants communities taxing authority to establish and maintain public libraries

1872 July 9, The doughnut cutter is patented by John F. Blondel of Thomaston, ME

1872 Wood pulp will now be the source of paper, thanks to Swedish sulfite process

1873 September, Financial panic closes American Stock Exchange for 10 days

1873 Frances Willard (1839-1898) founds the Woman's Christian Temperance Union in Evanston, IL

1873 Joseph F. Glidden (1813-1906) of DeKalb, IL develops barbed wire fencing, patented in 1874

1873 Color photos are first developed

1873 Remington starts manufacturing Sholes' typewriters

1873 U.S. postcard debuts; costs one penny

1874 July 29, Major Walter Copton Winfield of England receives U.S. patent for the lawn-tennis court

1874 August 11, Harry S. Parmelee of New Haven, CT gives us reason to relax and cool off on this hot summer day after inventing the sprinkler head

1874 Hawaii signs a ten-year free-trade agreement with the USA to give it access to the U.S. sugar market

1875 Alexander Graham Bell with Watson constructs Gallows Frame, world's first telephone

1875 Edison invents the mimeograph

1875 Thomas Edison discovers "Etheric Force" which made wireless telegraphy possible

1876 July 4, United States Centennial Celebration

1876 November 7, Presidential election yields no clear winner

1876 Thomas A. Edison builds his first labrotory in Menlow Park, N.J.

1876 March 10, Alexander Graham Bell holds world's first two-way telephone conversation with Watson, in Boston

1876 George Bradley throws the first no-hitter in National League history

1876 Holds two-way conversation with Watson over telegraph line linking Boston and East Cambridge

1876 June 25, Custer's Last Stand - Indian Chief Crazy Horse wins the two-hour Battle of Little Bighorn, Montana, wiping out the army of General George Armstrong Custer. Custer, who led the battle against the Sioux Indian encampment, is among the 200+ casualti

1876 National League baseball plays its first game: Red Stockings 6 vs Athletics 5

1877 March 5, Rutherford B. Hayes inagurated president after disputed election

1877 General Assembly establishes the Illinois National Guard

1877 Emile Berliner invents the microphone that will become part of the first Bell telephones

1877 Alexander Graham Bell with Watson, Thomas Sanders, and Gardiner Hubbard, forms Bell Telephone Company, a voluntary association

1877 July 23, The first municipal railroad passenger service is ‘stationed’ - in Cincinnati, Ohio

1877 August 12, Thomas A. Edison hands the model of his first phonograph to John Kreusi with instructions on how to build it. Kreusi bets the inventor $2 and says that there is no way that the machine will ever work. He loses the bet & the first sound recordin

1878 Bell Telephone Company of Illinois begins service in Chicago

1878 Thomas Edison patents the recording of sound onto discs and cylinders.

1878 Full page newspaper ads

1878 Milk delivered in bottles for first time

1878 Telephone directories are issued

1879 Albert Einstein born

1879 August 12, The first National Archery Association tournament begins in Chicago, IL

1879 Cash register invented by Ritty

1879 October 21, Thomas Edison invents the first incandescent electric lamp. The first model burns for 40 hours using a carbonized cotton thread filament

1875-1925 vaudeville is the popular entertainment of the masses


George Michael...ha, I knew George when he was Georgette...and, by the way, everyone knows that George wasn't saying "you gotta have faith a faith a faith"...he had eaten at a greek restaurent in Montreal the night before he wrote those lyrics...what he was saying was "you gotta have feta, feta, feta"...geeze...get your facts straight... :lol



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Guest muckypuppy

1870s The demand for locally produced items declines with the gradual emergence of mail-order catalogues. The decimation of bison herds forces Natives in the plains to use mass-produced artifacts such as copper kettles and steel utensils


1870 The Institut Nationale in Montréal is established to provide classes in arts and crafts. Frances Anne Hopkins shows sixteen of her works at the Art

Association of Montréal; this exhibit is the first large exhibition of one woman's work.


1871 British Columbia joins Confederation


1872 A group of seven Toronto painters form the Ontario Society of Artists. The OSA is markedly more artist-oriented than previous societies of this nature. Women are consciously excluded from this group.


1873 The first exhibition of the Ontario Society of Artists occurs in Toronto.


1875-6 The Ontario Society of Artists offers a few art classes to men and women. In 1911, the Ontario College of Art will emerge.


1875 The Supreme Court of Canada is established


1876 The Indian Act defines the special status & land regulations of aboriginal people who live on reservations; they have no vote in CDN elections are exempt from taxes.


The Canadian Women's Suffrage Movement began in with the founding of the Toronto Women's Literary Club.


1879 The Art Association of Montréal emulated the Parisian salons in the form of annual exhibitions and begins to offer some courses.


1880 The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in Ottawa is created by Princess Louise and the marquis of Lorne create. As a term of membership, artists donated one work; the National Gallery of Canada emerged from this collection.


Just wanted to add some purely Canadian dates. Interesting to note the growth in the arts!

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Guest UWOMED2005

Mayflower, I said you were in HIGH SCHOOL in the 1870s. That would put your birthdate somewhere in the 1850s or 1860s. Your memory must be getting foggy in your 140somethings. Let's just hope you don't forget to check your inbox tomorrow! :)

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