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I think you can only view your application after you've submitted...no changes can be made...


However, if the changes are important, I think they'll allow it (ex. the address of your referee changes or something...) but if you're talking about essay contents or sketch contents, then no...

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Hey guys,


Once you have submitted your application, it gets sent electronically to the OMSAS people. Unless there are some major changes to make, I would suggest you don't worry about it. Hopefully, though, you would have had a chance to look over spelling mistakes, etc.


As for major changes, you can contact the people at OMSAS (email) and beg them to change your info. Generally they are really nice--last year I had to change one item because my academic situation changed. I just emailed them and that was it.


And remember, you always have to option of clarifying any errors in your application once you get to the interview stage. I had submitted on my application that I was doing this particular kind of research with a specific supervisor. It ended up that I got a great job right after submitting the application (like, 2 days later!) and had to drop the research. At both my Queen's and U of T interviews, they asked about this item on my sketch. I just explained the situation. It seemed to work, since I am now in first year at U of T!


The moral of the story is. . . don't stress about it.



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