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tutoring question

Guest blinknoodle

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Guest blinknoodle

Hi guys,


I need your opinion...

I want to know whether I can include this activity in my autobiographical sketch.


I am currently TAing a full-year course.

I am not getting paid.

I am, however, receiving credits towards a half-year course.


Do you think this can still be considered volunteer? Or should I include it something else? Can I include it at all?




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Guest Kirsteen

Hi there,


I would definitely include it somewhere within your autobiographical sketch, especially if you have no other tutoring experience. Now, as to where...? Technically, it sounds as though you could add it to employment given that you are being paid for your work, although not with a standard form of currency. Moreover, if you don't have too many items in the "Employment" section of your sketch, then that may be further impetus for you to place it there.




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