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Teaching MCAT for Summer 2008 ~ How early to apply?


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How well do you have to know your topic? I took orgo a loooong time ago and I barely remember anything. Are the students really demanding? My class was okay when I took Kaplan...people asked questions and stuff, but there weren't any real 'keeners'. I think part of the reason was because we were the night class who worked during the day and went to MCAT class during the night...so most of us were so wiped out we were kinda zoning out.


I heard a lot of horror stories about how teachers got fired because the class was so demanding and complained because they couldn't answer questions. Well it is kinda hard to know EVERYTHING about MCAT bio topics....

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I'm also interested in getting some teaching experience in the summer. Does anyone know where to apply to? The princeton review site seems to be down. I live in Toronto, is there someone I should email?


Another quick question for anyone who has taught before, what were the hours like? I know it's a part-time job, but does that mean in the evenings and weekends? Is it possible to hold a full-time job from Mon-Fri during working hours and still teach for prep courses? Thanks

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