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Help: UBC vs. UA ?!


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Hi everyone~

I'm 1st year Science student in UBC. (home in Calgary, Alberta.)

I found that UBC doesn't have a very supportive learning environment, and the lectures are not efficiently nor clearly taught.

I have expected a big gap between high school and university, however, I am starting to feel desperate to get into medical school here.

Haven had my midterm exams, I noticed that my 93% averages in high school contributes nothing to my grades in university....I had studied the hell of it before every exam, got four 55's and two 70's.

The exams were just too long to finish. 50min -17long answers and 1 essay to write....oh man...am I slower than average ppl?

I heard that University of Alberta has better and easier programs than UBC in general. THerefore, I'm kinda thinking to transfer to UA in my 2nd year.

Can anyone give me some advice please?

I thank you all very much~~

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I agree with everything ffp says. A few suggestions though. There are often academic services at universities that can either help you to figure out what you are doing: whether that be studying incorrectly, not enough, or the classes are just to tough for you at this time. However, one of the main reasons I've noticed for seemingly intelligent students in high school teetering off in university seems to be study habits. When I entered university, my study habits changed quite significantly. It's generally important to review material at a frequency that allows you to keep up with the material or remember it three weeks from now. It's a lot easier when it comes to exam time so you don't have as much new material to learn or commit to memory. If you are finding the work tough, try talking to your progs or analyzing your midterms (if they let you see it) to see where you went wrong. If it is material you kind of knew but couldn't put the exact answer down, that may be easily rectified. However, if you are totally off-the-ball on the material, then you may need to overhaul the way you are studying.


About transferring to a new school. I've heard UBC undergrad can be quite intense and quite competitive. However, once you get to medical school, it becomes quite evident that introductory courses are essentially the same everywhere. Advanced classes (3rd and 4th year) seem to vary a bit more from school-to-school. So, transferring to a different school may in fact not make a difference if you are having trouble with the actual material. Moving to a new city also isn't easy, maybe take a break for a day or two to regroup and go hard at it again for finals. University is tough and it will get tougher from here on. However, by making some changes you can be significantly more successful.


Try to figure out by yourself or with the help of on-campus services what may be going on and see what can be done to make the changes for you to become successful. Good luck and I hope everything works out in the end.



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hey thx for both of you guyz' replies~

I have a few friends in UC and UA, also at UT.

I'm not too overwhelmed by homesick so far, I really love vancouver's weather and UBC's beautiful campus...but these might be the only reason that I chose UBC in the first place.

....I'll talk with my friends about UA this weekend, and do some research on both universities before I make up my mind.

Thx again. Good luck with your lives too~ =D

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