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Help converting % to AQ, and another question for you helpful people

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I read in several posts that someone devised a semi-accurate formula for converting % to AQ, but despite my best efforts I have not been able to find it.As far as I know, overall GPA is weighted 60% and last 60 credits are weighted 40%. I can work it out if it follows a linear relationship, based on scores from previous years, but I have a feeling it doesn't.


First Question:

Could someone please give me an estimate on what my AQ score /25 might be (ballpark is fine).


Overall GPA: 74.35

Last 60 credits: 81.15


Second question:

Last year I got a 18/25 on the NAQ, and a rural suitability score of 89/100. I missed the cutoff for interview by a point. I am wondering if this year, with the HUGELY expanded rural section, if the rural score or at least your rural statements and answers will influence your total file review. Any information regarding this would be most helpful.


Thank you kindly,



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From the earlier posts, this is the formula you are talking about:

(O%)*60+(L60%)*40 = C


AQ = 1.0422*©–63.8


With the seven data sets, it's within 0.3 AQ points.


As for your AQ score based on the formula above, it would be around 16.5 +/- .3 (probably 17).


I don't think your rural stability score is used for the initial file review. The rural stability score, from what I have heard, is used to determine whether the applicant will qualify for northern medical program and has no bearing on whether or not you receive an interview. Interview is only dependent on the AQ and NAQ scores ONLY.

Hope that helps.

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