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Changing Rural Suitability section - does it affect interviews?

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Looking at the UBC meds application over the years... the rural suitability section has expanded significantly...


My dates might be a be a bit off as they are from word of mouth, but you get the idea:


in 2003 it was a simple yes/no "are you interested in rural training opportunities?"

in 2005 it was a short paragraph (80 words?) explaining the above

in 2006 it was a much longer paragraph/essay on the same topic

and this year (2007) it was three essays/paragraphs and 11 other questions.....


In the past the rural section has been used only to determine eligability for the NMP and had no bearing on interviews being granted. However, with the shortage of proffessionals in rural areas and the hugely expanded section of the application, can we still assume that this section has no bearing on the initial application process?


Though I base it purely on speculation, it seems to me that checking "not interested in rural training" should make an applicant considerably less attractive to UBC... especially if their other qualities are average.


Last year UBC said the Rural Suitability Score wasn't used in the inital screening. Does anyone know for sure if it plays a larger role this year than simply suitability for the NMP?

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I can't see them ever really using it pre-interview...if they did, everyone would just say that they are interested in rural medicine and write a paragraph(s) explaining why (on next year's application). I think they use it to put people in the NMP that they believe will stick with rural medicine.


This is just what I think, but it seems that as soon as they give points for people interested in rural medicine, everyone will suddenly become interested in rural medicine, regardless of whether they actually are (unless UBC somehow forces you to practice in a rural area if you say that you are really interested...which I don't think will happen).

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everyone will suddenly become interested in rural medicine, regardless of whether they actually are


I see your point here, though I hope admissions would be able to see though this if it ever happened. I also hope people who have a genuine interest in rural training would have far more EC's indicating and supporting their choice than those who simply claim to.

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