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What exactly does UBC look at for the AQ?

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Im confused and ive looked at numerous threads and dont really get this so id really appreciate you guys clarifying...

So for the AQ UBC looks at the pre reqs and the last 60 credits...but it also considereds your total average cumulatively? If not then why does it show up on the letters people get when they'e refused admission?


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A rejection letter does tell you exactly what makes up the AQ.


The AQ is based on your cumulative average, and the average of your last 60 credits. I've heard reports that your cumulative average is weighted 60%, and your last 60 credits are weighted 40%.


How these two are combined to get a raw score out of 25 has not been confirmed, but the formula provided for me by users of this forum is pretty accurate... here it is.


O=overall average of every course (in percent)

L=average of last 60 credits (in percent)


(O)*0.6+(L)*0.4 = C

AQ = 1.0422*©-63.8



Pre-reqs are not used in the calculation of the AQ. Nor is the MCAT, academic awards, academic references, academic accomplishments, etc, etc.


However, many forum users have written that the above have come into play later in their file review. Also, taking additional 300 and 400 level courses to improve your GPA is obviously viewed as more desirable than a bunch of 100 level electives (this verified for me by admissions). Having a an "upward trend" in grades, a masters, or a PHD, are other academic qualities that are not assessed through the AQ but do influence your file.


Basically, only your overall and last 60 credits make up your AQ, but many other academic factors influence your application.


Hope that helps.

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