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Rewrite Advice?


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Hi guys...


trying to decide whether or not to take the MCATs again this summer. I took it the first time in Aug and received a 10 (PS) - 11 (VS) - 11 (BS) and I have a GPA slightly above a 3.6


....Most people I've spoken to have done better after taking it a second time, but I don't imagine having too much (or as much as the last summer) time to study and I'm afraid I'll do even worse....


Any advice would be great!


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That's tough, it depends. Personally, if I (and I stress - I) was in your situation - I'd strongly considering rewriting because my cGPA is not the highest and I would really like to stay in Ontario so Queen's and Western are two of my best shots (plus I really love UWO). Your stats may be good enough for one, or maybe even both of them (as the MCAT cutoffs change every year). I'd say your numerical scores are sound, the only borderline score would probably be the WS.


If you take a look though, you can figure out how your marks are for the other schools... if you think you'll be competitive at many of them, I would probably keep the score and go with it. It's a close call, but as others have indicated, your score is fine for a large majority of schools.


Also, another factor to consider is your province status - where are you from? Depending on your grades, you may not be competitive for OOP schools... but you also could be!


Anyway, I hope this helped (rather than confused) you.

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Check your weight GPAs for each school (UofT, Western, Queen, and OOP if you want).


If you make the cut for most of them i'd say don't rewrite. If you don't and think that your only really good shot in Ontario is Western/Queens then you may consider rewriting (for queen's at least).

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