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The Life of Rural Medicine?


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I've always been quite interested living out in rural parts of the country. I never really considered the option as a rural doc until someone brought it up in another thread. So I'm wondering if anyone can provide any guidance and/or answer any questions about rural medicine?


My questions/concerns are:


1) How rural does "rural med" get? Like if you practice in a small town, quite far away from a major city... does that count as rural? I'm not quite sure of the definition of rural medicine.


2) Hows the lifestyle like as a rural doc?


Thanks guys.

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1) It can be as "rural" as you like it. We've had presentations from communities within an hour of Winnipeg, and we've heard from the Northern Medical Unit which runs facilities in remote, fly-in communities in Northern Manitoba and Nunavut.

2) One of the docs who works in the fly-in program for the NMU came in to tell us about his lifestyle. He lives in Montreal, twice a month flying to Winnipeg and then out to the community he works in and stays for four days before returning to Montreal. He shares call (consults with nurses at the station) which he takes from Montreal. He makes around $200K (this is part-time work).

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