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MCAT Threshold

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Wait, so they only ask for reference letters IF you've met the cutoff? So the date has past..if our references received nothing = we didn't make cut off?


According to what's written, I believe that's what should happen.


However, I'm saying that there has been cases(people that I know personally) whose references received requests, but they did not meet the cut offs. So there's no indication of anything? (That was previously when people that wrote the August MCAT would not get their scores in time and had to apply without knowing their MCAT scores)


Who knows what will happen this time around.


Has UofM sent out the letters to our referees yet? Mine haven't received theirs yet.


According to that green form, they were mailed last week, Nov.16.

However, my references haven't received anything yet.



Just relax :)

Things will work out.

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