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should i withdraw from this class or battle through?


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i have a small conondrum. i just checked a mark on my 2nd mid-term in a class and did absolutely terrible. i'm still numb from seeing the mark that i got. it's in a class that i need to graduate, but the thing is, i have done so poorly in this test, that even getting a B- at the least is most probably out of reach. my other classes are going well, my issue is this...


i could drop the class and take it in the spring, but that will interfere on me writing my mcat. but i was thinking about maybe writing my mcat in sept. so that i have more time to study. or, i could stay in the class, and try my hardest to salvage what is left. but the thing is, if i get like a C+ in this class, it'll drop my gpa like a sac of potatoes. my other four classes are like A's, and one A- so far.


my dilemma is, do i risk it all for a 3.66 gpa? or drop, and hope for a 3.9 gpa?


what do you guys think?


i didn't do bad in this class b/c i didn't study. i had two hard exams that day back to back, and i was up t'ill 4 am the night before studying for both. i even slept at school (not fun).


i'm just so sad and grief stricken, this class is the hardest one in my program, and is the source of vain for many undergrad students in my faculty.

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