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AADSAS GPA conversions

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i am wondering if anyone knows how to convert the mark in % into letters system as indicated on the AADSAS.. for example if i want to convert 72% would that be a C or C- according to th AADSAS system? iam really not sure because i know only westren and brock in ontarion are using the % system on transcript. any hits would be greatly appreciated.. thanks:confused:

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Check with your school's registrar, they should have a conversion table to convert the percentage to an alpha value.

If not, here is the conversion table which AADSAS provides as a default

Grade on Transcript "AADSAS Grade" "AADSAS Value"

100-90 A (4.0)

89-80 B (3.0)

79-70 C (2.0)

69-60 D (1.0)

<60 F (0.0)

Good Luck!

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