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TPR books same in class and in bookstore??


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Hi guys,


I'm so sorry if this has been adressed in past threads... i've searched for 20 min and can't seem to find it....


Does anyone know if the books you get while taking the Princeton Review course (for 1700$) are the same/similar as the "Cracking the MCAT" (by TPR) book??


If the only difference is having it taught to me in class... i'd happily save the 1650$.....


I can't help but feel like I'm missing something here... :rolleyes:


Thanks in advance!



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Yeah the TPR course books are separate for each section, there's 3 textbooks (Verbal and Writing book, a Physical Science Book, and Biological Science book) and then 3 workbooks. There's also an "In class compendium" that's really just a bunch of practice passages we did in class. The only book I found valuable was the writing part. It gave step-by-step instructions on how to write a good writing sample. If you really want them I'm sure there's tons of ppl (myself included) that don't need the books anymore and will sell them to you. Mine are severely highlighted though, lol.

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