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Hi everyone!

I am a grade 12 student seeking for advice from those who have

more life & academic experience. I want to become a dentist/ doctor

,and as the most prospective pre-med students would do, I applied to biological chem at u of t.. But I don't know if this is the right program to be in during my undergraduate years. Just wondering if it is possible to change my major once I find it not interesting enough (say from bio chem to physics)..? Also, (correct me if I am wrong), so many people are saying going for pre-med at U of T is not a wise decision due to the overly rigorous curriculum and highly competitive peer group. Consequently, my gpa would be unlikely to be high enough to take me into med/dental school.( and I would like to ignore this and go for whatever i want.. but...) Does this rumor hold any truth? and also,,, when do I start studying for MCAT or DAT? The earlier the better?What advice would you give to freshmen so that they can survive 1st year with high grades? Any criticism or comment welcomed. Thanks!:)

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