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Need some Advice regarding dental schools

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Hello all, I am very interested in dentistry and I am looking for peoples’ advice regards which dental school I should apply to. I am an Ontario student in my final year of graduate studies and I have completed my undergraduate degree in biochem.

4th year 4.0

3rd year 3.95

2nd year 3.90

1st year 3.1

I did my DATs last year



Chem= 18


(I wrote the DATs again November)

Last year I applied to Western = no interview, and McGill = got waitlisted. This year I have applied to UofT, McGill and Western, but I don’t know if I should apply to Dal, Manitoba or any other school. I would really appreciate everyone’s suggestions. Thank you in advance



whoa how did you not get an interview at western, you obviously have two years above 3.7?

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