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Evaluation score cutoffs?

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I know U of C lets applicants know what the evaluation cutoff is for interview...does U of A? I know they post the breakdown (below), but how much do people usually need to get for interview offers? Or do they not make this info available to applicants?


Cumulative average of university years 15

Prerequisite course average 15


MCAT Writing Sample 05

Personal Attributes 20


Overall Rank Score for Selection -the above and


Interview 25

Letters of Reference 05

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I've talked to Marlene about this and she never really let me know the answer because it can change so much from year to year based on the applicant pool. She said one year the points increased a ridiculous amount due to extra apps and so they don't really estimate.

What I CAN tell you is that she does have the stats for the previous years and is willing to give them out to you in your application review because she did let me know what mine were and what the cutoffs were. I don't remember them now, and I'm pretty sure she isn't allowed/willing to speak with current applicants until the application run is over.


So I guess this post isn't really much help at all...

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