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Bad first year of undergrad


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My major is biological sciences, and during my first year I took several pre-req courses, and ended up doing rather poorly; (C+ in 2 biologies, C+ in intro chem, D in Calc I). Other than those courses my grades generally range from 80%-90%. I have retaken the Calc I and received a 82%, as well I have taken 2 3rd yr level biologies and my marks are 83% and 88%. As well I have taken the 2nd year chemistry and got 81%.


I am worried that the admissions for med school will only look at the GPA in those pre-reqs and will not see that the improvements I have made in the subjects.


Do you think that I can still have a chance for med school, or did i shoot myself in the foot with my first year?



Also do med schools require that we taken 5 courses/semester every year or only our last 2 years? During my third year I am thinking about taking 3courses/semester (still considered full-time at my univeristy) and all 3 courses are science courses with labs.


All advice is very much appreciated.



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