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salary of an associate GP in urban vs rural area in BC?

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Okay, i am not from BC, but I am sure it is similar all across canada..


Because major centres such as Van, T.O, 1) Lots of DDS with a fixed population, 2) high overhead costs (rent, etc)

you are likely looking at 35/65, or 40/60 if you are lucky, split on your collected billing.


The amount you made is dependent on how busy the place you associate, and the type of practice? (refer out molar endos, wissy?). What type of patients your principle offload to you, make sure you don't get stuck with too many First Nation, Welfare (max 10% of your caseload at most, if you want to pay off your debt),


Make sure you ask for a cut of the hygiene check ($10 - 12 per patient roughly, at least in Ontario).


My colleagues in Toronto only make around 100k projected first year out, and might have to take 2+ PT associateship, however, friends in rural are doing much better and busier, some projected at 300k.... I am sure similar number will be in BC!



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