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**FREE** MCAT study material in Victoria BC


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All of this is free, please give me a call anytime at 604-224-0077 to arrange to pick up in Victoria. I took the Kaplan course for my second time writing the MCAT and did much better - you can have the advantage of all the materials that come with the course, for no cost.



Full set of materials for Kaplan course, summer 2004

- MCAT Lesson Book

- Verbal Reasoning/Writing Sample Review Notes Book

- Physical Sciences Review Notes Book

- Biological Sciences Review Notes Book

- Inside Scoop on Medical School Admissions Workbook

- laminated formula sheet

- flashcards

- 5 Full-Length Kaplan practice MCATs


AAMC Practice Item – Verbal Reasoning and Writing Samples – with full Kaplan answer explanation guides to VR sections, and complete example essays


AAMC Practice Item – Biological and Physical Sciences – with full Kaplan answer explanation guides


Extras - all topic tests/answers printed off from Kaplan site – one 3” binder each for Physical and Biological Sciences


EXTRA MATERIAL that was not included in Kaplan course:


Kaplan MCAT 45 book – “the toughest questions, the hardest sciences, the strongest strategies”

Kaplan Organic Edge book – “targeted review to ace organic chemistry”


Additional official AAMC stuff

- Official AAMC MCAT Practice Tests III, IV, V, & VI, complete with solution guides

- Official AAMC MCAT Practice Tests I & II (no solution guides)

- Scoring the MCAT Writing Sample: Examples of MCAT Writing Sample Responses and Explanations of Their Scores

- MCAT Student Manual

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