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Rosalind Franklin recommendation letters + interfolio


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In the Rosalind Franklin supplemental application it says:


Letters from individual authors:

a. Must be on letterhead stationary and include author’s title and telephone number.

b. Must have the signature of the author on the back flap of the envelope, with their signature intact upon

arrival in the Admissions Office. (Note: This is not required if you are using a school letter service.)


Does the letter stationary rule apply to online method of application through interfolio? Also how can an envelope be signed on the reverse if your are submitting through the online method in interfolio.


I tried to contact the school but they won't pick up and only allowed me to leave a message.



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From what I've gathered, interfolio receives LORs and then scans them into their system. The scanned document is what they send to designated schools, whether electronically or a printed copy.


As for the signature, from your own cut and paste "(Note: This is not required if you are using a school letter service.)". Furthermore, with interfolio, there is an accompanying form that should have accompanied each submitted letter stating whether or not you waive your right of access.

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