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I am an engineering student and was wondering if anybody could suggest some good sources for completing the pre-req courses. Is it true that all universities just look at completion of pre-req courses and not their grades...well I am asking since I would know if my priority is my engr. grade or my pre-req course...if pre-req grades are not looked at, then is there any way I can be done with those courses easily ? I live in Toronto and go to UofT.

I have heard of Athabascan and others but am not very sure of the best option in this case.

Any help would be appreciated.


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So does that mean that for my pre-req it is simply enough that I pass them and not really ace them :)) ?

Also can somebody suggest some simple ways to get done with them during the year, I mean during the winter semester- night school or online ?

Also, say I want to do Athabasca, what course is the equivalent of bio150 and bio250 ? since I don't see these codes on the courses they offer. If I am right, I have to do 2 yrs of life sci courses...so these are the min. 2 I will have to do ?

Thanks again !

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