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English credit for OOP schools and State schools


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What if the Medical School you intend to go to requires English?


Can you just dodge the class and get in without having to take it? By the way, I bet University-Level English is MUCH harder than MacBeth or King Lear in high school. Anyways, now we await for the answers.


By the way Zoo-, I think you should just call the schools, but they're busy as well.



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When they ask us to complete an English credit, can it be completed in Fourth Year, or does it have to be completed in 1st, 2nd or 3rd year to be qualified for entrance after fourth year?





Med school applications require you to input the courses you intend on taking during your 4th year. If you will be finishing requirements, such as English, in your 4th year, they will see that you intend on completing it before matriculation. However, your acceptance will be conditional upon satisfactory completion of the prerequisites.

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