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Cheap places to stay for a few days in Hamilton?

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Hi everyone!


I'm heading to Hamilton in late February to check out the McMaster campus. I have some time off then and I'm hoping to apply to its med school next round of applications.

I was wondering if anybody knows of some cheap places to stay in the Hamilton/Dundas/Ancaster area for a couple of days. I'm looking to spend as little money as possible! (haha..yes i know im cheap!)


Thanks!...and good luck everyone who applied this year!!!!



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Hi There,


There aren't too many places to stay in Hamilton. There are a few hotels downtown, The Sheraton, which is about $150 night. Downtown is about 15 minutes by bus to Mac. There is one motel called Mountainview Motel on Main Street which charges about $50 night, and it is about 5 minutes by bus to Mac. If you are not in a hurry to come down to Hamilton, I suggest waiting until May after the students are out, because then you might be able to stay on campus in one of the residences. You would just need to contact hospitality services at Mac and let them know you are looking for a place to stay on campus. I hope that helps, if you need any more info on Hamilton, let me know.

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