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US dental school application questions

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I'm writing canadian DAT this FEB 08.


I plan to apply to some US dental schools and i am really confused about the procedure. I'm hoping some of you can help me out. Thanks in advance!!! here it goes:


1. When does the application cycle start for US? If I want to enroll dental school for September 2008, is writing canadian DAT in FEbruary 2008 too late for the cycle?


2. The deadline date on AADSAS site for each dental schools - is that the deadline for the designations? or do i need to tell them my DAT score by that date as well?


3. i know that many (if not all? i'm not sure) US dental school applications are on a rolling basis. so if i wanted my application submitted "early" when should i prepare to apply? and "what" can i do in advance?

- ex) ask for LORs? --> but i thought this happens online?



help me out! thanks!!

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