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  • 2 weeks later...

Definitely read the email that Dal sent you... look up the papers and go over the sample MMI questions that were sent. You should make sure that you are comfortable with the "Why medicine" questions, and make sure you know what you put in your application. I'm planning on brushing up on the Health Care structure and reading a couple ethics books... I might try to get a friend to come up with made-up conflicts that I have to diffuse and resolve. I'll get back to you if I think of anything else to try... practice, practice, practice.

I haven't found any good resources online yet, but with the popularity of the MMI, there should be something...

Good luck

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Apparently there is also a medical school interview workshop for Dal coming up this Thursday in the SUB. 6pm. Didn't specify if it talks about MMI specifically.

I haven't heard back from the organizer yet, but I'm hoping there is still space. Message me if you want the contact info, I'm not comfortable posting it here.

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Hey guys,


DON'T freak out about the MMI interview. The change in interview format is meant to be MORE friendly for the interviewees. We (DalMed I class) have put together a web page... http://2012.medicine.dal.ca . We have a FAQ section that talks a little bit about what to prepare for the interview and there is a section pertaining to the MMI. But we can only really on the information that is provided for us on this format since it is new to us too....


But I will tell you what..... I would have preferred the MMI format last year.....


So remember, no need to panic.... the interviewers are really nice here at Dal..... Just keep in mind that you have to show the interviewers how much you want to go to med school...... That is the most important part... low MCAT, low gpa goes out the window if you do a good job of this.


Good luck,


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