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MCAT: Summer after 3rd year?


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I want to take the MCAT the summer after third year as I haven't taken any physics courses yet (I'm in second year now)...I'd probably be writing in August. The thing is, I also want to apply to the States but I'm not sure if my MCAT scores will be released in time...when is the appropriate time to give my MCAT scores/applications to US schools, as I was under the impression that for the US, the earlier the better. Thank you!

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yes - the earlier the better for US schools.


it would be better to have your mcat score in before or around june after 3rd year. US schools weigh the mcat much more than canadian ones so your score can really affect your competitiveness. the best way to not waste your money is to have your score before you apply.


the earliest you can submit the primary application is june 1st. you dont need to have your mcat score in order to submit the primary application. you can also complete the secondary applications without having the score. however, your application will NOT be reviewed by the schools until your mcat score has been received. so even though you can complete all other aspects of the application before your score is in, your application wont be assessed until the scores are in --- which is equivalent to applying later with an mcat score already in hand.


if you end up scoring 35+ then applying later in the cycle (sept-oct and onwards) will be ok. if you end up getting low 30s or high 20s then you should really submit it as early as possible (june).


hope this helps.

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