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This is from an article students at Mac wrote in relation to a policy for students with disabilities. I believe the clerkship starts sometime in the fall of the second year, so the length isn't much different from other schools.


"This is an attempt to outline the types of activities which a clinical clerk in the McMaster Medical Programme is likely to encounter. The Clerkship encompasses a broad realm of experience which varies greatly from individual to individual depending on the clinical setting, team and colleagues with whom one is working at any particular time. This allows room for creative organization and planning, should accommodation be necessary for any or all rotations.


Each “rotation” is either 6 or 8 weeks in length. Students work through a rotation each in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Family Medicine and Psychiatry, as well as Elective rotations to

address defined, individual learning needs...." It goes on, but I think that's the part that's most relevant to your question. Cheers!

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Hi there,


I'm working with a few Mac clerks now and some of them just began clerkship, i.e., less than two weeks ago. So it may be the case that Mac's clerkship year (at least, the part where they're on the wards full-time) begins at the beginning of the year.




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Clerkship generally starts in mid-November of second year.


There are 10 core clerkship rotations and 18weeks of electives:

6 weeks for: Family, OB/GYN, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Medicine and Surgery.

4 weeks for: Emergency

2 weeks for: Geriatrics, Orthopedic surgery and Anesthesia

at least, thats the schedule for the class of 2008- this could change slightly from year to year.


- some of the clerkship rotations start/end with electives... perhaps that is why the students you saw at work in early Jan were just starting their clerkship Kirsteen ??! (for example, my clerkship started with a 4 week elective- and after my last day in Anesthesia next week- all I have left is 8 weeks of electives)


I'm not sure if its the same lenght as with other medical schools. I would assume it would be similar.

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