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At the moment I am a first year Life Science student at UT. My marks range between 80-90%; however, I am starting to doubt the path I had initially planned. I wanted to major in anthropology and apply to medicine at the end of my four years. However, I feel that this is the route of uncertainty. What if I don't get into medicine? Anthropology isn't a field I would depend on.


As such, I was thinking, would it be wise to switch to a nursing program second year round? My friend at McMaster told me the students could start working as early as third year. IMO, this is a solid back-up since nurses are in high demand. Moreover, nursing would expose me to healthcare more than a degree in anthropology.


I'm really confused. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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Guest begaster

Do what you love.


If you don't have a passion for nursing, stay away from it. It's a brutal job that takes a lot out of you, and if your goal is to be a doctor, you won't be happy being a nurse.


If you enjoy anthropology, do that. If you're a good student, doors will always be open for you. Even if you don't get into medicine after four years, you can apply for a Master's or a PhD, and then try again. Besides, perhaps you'll find out that what you really want to do is stay in that field. University is about exploring your interests.

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