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Hi everyone,


I am going to need to borrow about $5K this summer in order to pay my rent, food, the MCAT and the application process as I'll have to do them both at the same time. Can anyone suggest any private loan sources where I can borrow that amount?


In case you are wondering, I am normally on finanlcial aid from Quebec and that is how I pay my rent, etc. but it is cut off during the summer since I'm no longer a full time student. I usually work full time during summers but I dont think I can afford to work, study MCAT and apply all together while aiming for a high score.


The only option I've seen so far has been a line of credit from my bank with a cosigner but the problem is that I definitely wont be able to pay off the interest so it would default to my cosigner anyway.


I'm trying to go through every available option before having to borrow $ from a family member :o


I would appreciate any help, thanks.

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