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Double major and GPA calculation


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I'm in second year right now, and I'm considering whether I should switch out of LifeSci SSP to do double major in lifesci and math.

The only downside for me would be that it would significantly lower my chance of getting into grad school for masters degree since I cannot do any research projects in 4th year like everybody else.

I was actually thinking of doing major in lifesci and minor in math but someone told me that if i double major medschools only look at one of the majors for gpa calculation.

Is this true? or does it only apply to some schools?

My GPA in 1st year was 3 and 2nd year is not going well for me. I think I'll be able to really boost up my mark if I take math courses, but I'm really worried that I won't be able to get into masters if I don't make it into medical school.

Should I stay in lifesci ssp and just try harder? and leave my options open for masters? or should i do double major and broaden up my window for medschool?


Thank you

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As far as I'm aware, McGill will count all your classes in the GPA calculations they perform and thus, both classes from both majors would be considered.


I don't know if taking the double major would be advantageous as, for McGill as least and probably for other universities, it would not make a difference. Maybe doing the minor is better as it allows you to do your research project and to increase your grad school chances in the event you don't get into meds.

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